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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis  Series:The Region 

Journal Article
Observations on public policy: the case of homelessness

The Region , Volume 15 , Issue Sep , Pages 66-67

Journal Article
The private and public risks of banking

Minneapolis Fed President Gary Stern warns that banking policy continues to shift too much risk taking onto the public.
The Region , Volume 18 , Issue Dec , Pages 2-5

Journal Article
Truths about trade and the dollar

A Minneapolis Fed directors' retreat explores the realities of international trade and foreign exchange
The Region , Volume 19 , Issue Dec , Pages 34-39

Journal Article
Like all wars, this one requires political leadership (President's Message)

The Region , Volume 10 , Issue Jun , Pages 2-3

Journal Article
Thinking like an economist - a workshop on economic principles

The Region , Volume 17 , Issue Sep , Pages 34-37

Journal Article
Interview with Robert E. Lucas Jr.

Considered the intellectual leader of the new classical school of economic thought and of the rational expectations theory, Robert Lucas, University of Chicago, has guest lectured across the United States and in China, Finland, England, Israel and Canada.>
The Region , Issue June

Journal Article
Interview with Rep. Jim Leach

The Region , Volume 14 , Issue Mar , Pages 38-46

Journal Article
Interview with Milton Friedman

In his new book, Money Mischief, economist Milton Friedman compares inflation to alcoholism; blames the rise of Chinese communism, in large part, on an inadequately controlled money supply; defines and describes MV=PT in four brief paragraphs; tells how three Scottish chemists ruined William Jennings Bryan's political career through their pioneering work with gold; and relates many other anecdotes befitting the book's subtitle, Episodes in Monetary History.
The Region , Issue June

Journal Article
The bank that Hamilton built

The First Bank of the United States created an enduring model for markets and monetary policy.
The Region , Volume 21 , Issue Sep , Pages 10-13, 52-55

Journal Article
Banking regulation: the focus returns to the consumer

A renewed emphasis on consumer protection while maintaining safety and soundness.
The Region , Volume 18 , Issue Jun , Pages 14-17, 48-51




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