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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City  Series:Regional Economic Digest 

Journal Article
A strong performance by District community banks in 1998

Community banks in Tenth District states had another good year in 1998. They continued to benefit from solid growth in the district economy. And in contrast to some large banks in other parts of the country, they were largely unaffected by the turmoil in financial markets in the latter part of the year. To be sure, average profitability would have edged down in 1998 were it not for the decision by a substantial number of banks to change their tax status. Even accounting for this effect, however, district community banks remained highly profitable. ; Furthermore, overall loan quality showed no ...
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q II , Pages 15-22

Journal Article
Recession and recovery in the tenth district

Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q III , Pages 7-10

Journal Article
Do scenic amenities foster economic growth in rural areas?

Rural areas in the Tenth District are experiencing a period of renewed economic growth in the 1990s. After a decade of lackluster performance in the 1980s, rural areas are enjoying stronger employment and income growth. Employment growth in rural areas has averaged almost 2 percent per year from 1990 to 1995,while incomes have risen just less than 1 percent per year. ; While the district's rural economy has rebounded in the 1990s, only about a third of all rural counties have shared in the recovery. There may be a number of reasons for the uneven recovery, but analysts have noted than many of ...
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q I , Pages 11-16

Journal Article
Good times continue for Tenth District banks

Commercial banks in Tenth District states continued to perform well in 1997. Profitability remained high, loan quality improved, and loan growth and deposit growth were both strong. Banks in district states also outperformed banks nationwide by all four performance measures.
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q II , Pages 11-16

Journal Article
Exporting trends in Tenth District manufactured goods

The Tenth District has consistently outperformed the nation in the 1990s in the growth of manufactured exports. Foreign exports account for a large share of the district's sales of manufactured goods and have also helped the district retain many of its factory jobs.
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q I , Pages 10-16

Journal Article
An emerging computer sector in the Tenth District

Computer industries have been an important facet of the nation's current economic expansion. During the 1990s, the computer sector has added almost three-quarters of a million jobs across the country, creating high-paying new positions and spawning new opportunities for the American entrepreneur.
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q III , Pages 12-16

Journal Article
Mutual funds and annuities at Tenth District banks

Mutual funds are today's second-largest financial industry in the United States, second only to commercial banks. Since 1990, mutual fund assets have more than doubled to $2.3 trillion. Such rapid growth, coupled with the desire of banks to expand into new financial services, has prompted up to one-fourth of all U.S. commercial banks to begin selling mutual funds and annuities. Some banks have even begun to manage and provide investment advice to their own mutual fund companies. This article shows that many commercial banks in the Tenth District states are following the national trend, with ...
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q III , Pages 15-19

Journal Article
Manufacturing job losses in the recovery: the District outperforms the nation

This article examines job growth in the district's key manufacturing industries and in the seven district states. The article shows that while thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost since the recovery began, the decline in the district has been less than in the nation. The primary strength of the region's manufacturing sector has been the food processing industry.
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q I , Pages 8-13

Journal Article
The changing economy of the Tenth District

Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q I , Pages 7-13

Journal Article
The Tenth District's brain drain: who left and what did it cost?

Most of the Tenth Federal Reserve District states experienced a brain drain, or an outmigration of highly educated people, during the last half of the 1980s. Fortunately, the recent tide of migration appears to have turned for some district states. Yet, it is still important for policymakers to understand the full impact of a brain drain on a state's economy. Highly educated people are prone to move, based on their region's economic performance relative to other parts of the country. Thus, current favorable migration trends in the district could easily be reversed.
Regional Economic Digest , Issue Q I , Pages 8-13