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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City  Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
Central bank perspectives on stabilization policy

For some time, the use of monetary and fiscal policies to smooth business cycle fluctuations has taken a back seat to longer term objectives of restoring price stability and fiscal balance. More recently, however, weaker economic performance in some of the world?s economies, most notably in Japan and the United States, has led to renewed interest in the use of short-run stabilization policy. ; This year the bank?s economic policy symposium, ?Rethinking Stabilization Policy,? explored the potential scope for stabilization policy in this new environment. The papers presented at the symposium ...
Economic Review , Volume 87 , Issue Q IV , Pages 5-14

Journal Article
The U.S. economy: a look ahead

In a speech made to the Missouri Bankers Association in January of this year, President Hoenig of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City was optimistic about our economy's future. The strong performance of the U.S. economy in 1994 is likely to continue in 1995, but at a more moderate and sustainable pace. The long-run outlook for the economy is also very positive.> Achieving our economy's full potential in the coming years, however, should not be taken for granted. Rather, it will depend on how successful we are in promoting open international markets, encouraging savings and investment, and ...
Economic Review , Volume 80 , Issue Q I , Pages 19-22

Journal Article
Causes of the recent increase in bank security holdings

While bank security holdings have increased sharply in recent years, there is widespread disagreement about the significance of the increase. Some analysts argue that the increase is not a cause for concern because it results from temporary factors such as the business cycle. Others argue that the increase represents a permanent shift in bank portfolio preferences from loans to securities, which could cause banks to look more like mutual funds. If the latter view is true, small firms that rely on banks for credit may be unable to fund new investment. Moreover, monetary policy may be less able ...
Economic Review , Volume 79 , Issue Q II , Pages 45-57

Journal Article
Reserve requirements under the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980

Economic Review , Volume 65 , Issue Sep , Pages 3-16

Journal Article
The long road back for U.S. agriculture

Economic Review , Volume 71 , Issue Dec , Pages 40-53

Journal Article
The U.S. economy in 1989: an uncertain outlook

The Federal Reserve's monetary policy in 1989 will likely focus on countering emerging inflationary pressures. As these pressures are contained, the good economic performance shown by the economy in recent years is likely to continue.
Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue Dec , Pages 3-18

Journal Article
Progress toward price stability : a 1997 inflation report

The primary goal of Federal Reserve monetary policy is to foster maximum long-term growth in the U.S. economy by achieving price stability over time. Price stability will be achieved, according to some definitions, when inflation ceases to be a factor in the decision-making processes of businesses and individuals. Although the Federal Reserve has made considerable progress toward price stability since the early 1980s, inflation remains above the level most analysts would associate with price stability. Because stable prices are essential to maximum long-term economic growth and living ...
Economic Review , Volume 83 , Issue Q I , Pages 5-21

Journal Article
Is the United States too dependent on foreign capital?

Economic Review , Volume 70 , Issue Jun , Pages 23-36

Journal Article
The Federal Reserve's impact on several reserve aggregates

Economic Review , Volume 62 , Issue May , Pages 14-22

Journal Article
Coordinating circuit breakers in stock and futures markets

Economic Review , Volume 75 , Issue Mar , Pages 35-48




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