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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 

Journal Article
Can grain elevators survive record crop prices?

Main Street Economist , Issue 3

Journal Article
Financial challenges facing farm enterprises

Main Street Economist , Issue 1

Conference Paper
Four images of Ned Gramlich

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Working Paper
Pricing interest rate swaps in an options pricing framework

Research Working Paper , Paper 87-02

Working Paper
Convenient prices and price rigidity: cross-sectional evidence

This paper provides cross-sectional evidence of convenient prices--prices that simplify and expedite transactions and thereby reduce the time costs from physically making a transaction. I propose that firms may wish to set convenient prices for items that: (1) are typically purchased with cash; (2) are sold alone or with a few similar items; and (3) are high-traffic transactions, i.e., require queuing or are purchased very frequently. I find broad support for the use of convenient prices in locations where making a rapid transaction is important. Convenience also appears to predominantly ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 08-04

Working Paper
Market reaction to monetary policy nonannouncements

This paper examines how Treasury security yields, stock prices, and federal funds futures rates respond on Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting dates when expected policy actions do not occur. The empirical results support the existence of nonannouncement effects on short- and intermediate-term yields. In particular, part of an expected policy action, measured using federal funds futures rates, is unwound when the action does not materialize. This partial unwinding is consistent with markets reacting to the surprise by postponing, but not eliminating, the possibility of a future ...
Research Working Paper , Paper 98-06

Working Paper
Term structure views of monetary policy

Term structure models and many descriptions of the transmission of monetary policy rest on the empirical relevance of the expectations hypothesis. Small differences in the perceived policy reaction function in VAR models of agent expectations strongly influence the relevance in the transmission mechanism of the expected short rate component of bond yields. Mean-reverting or difference-stationary characterizations of interest rates require large and volatile term premiums to match the observable term structure. However, short rate descriptions that capture shifting perceptions of long-horizon ...
Research Working Paper , Paper 98-07

Working Paper
Forecasting of small macroeconomic VARs in the presence of instabilities

Small-scale VARs have come to be widely used in macroeconomics, for purposes ranging from forecasting output, prices, and interest rates to modeling expectations formation in theoretical models. However, a body of recent work suggests such VAR models may be prone to instabilities. In the face of such instabilities, a variety of estimation or forecasting methods might be used to improve the accuracy of forecasts from a VAR. These methods include using different approaches to lag selection, observation windows for estimation, (over-) differencing, intercept correction, stochastically ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 06-09

Working Paper
Does money matter anymore? A comment on Friedman and Kuttner

Research Working Paper , Paper 92-07

Journal Article
Putting the pieces in place : financial education in the workplace : is it good for the bottom line?

TEN , Issue Sum , Pages 12-17




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