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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 

Journal Article
Federal Enhancements to Unemployment Insurance Supported Tenth District Incomes in 2020

Federal supplements to state unemployment insurance mitigated income losses from COVID-19-related disruptions across the country. In the Tenth Federal Reserve District, many workers who lost jobs had their wages at least fully replaced by federally supported unemployment insurance. In some district states, total income—the sum of unemployment benefits and wages earned from employment—exceeded levels that might have been observed in the absence of the pandemic.
Economic Bulletin

Journal Article
Millennials, baby boomers, and rebounding multifamily home construction

Jordan Rappaport analyzes the forces driving the recent rebound in multifamily construction.
Economic Review , Issue Q II , Pages 37-55

Journal Article
Regulation tomorrow: toward a new framework for competition

Economic Review , Volume 64 , Issue Jul , Pages 3-6

Journal Article
Building the rural economy with high-growth entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs create economic growth in their communities by forming new firms. Each year during the past decade, more than half a million businesses were started that added new jobs in the United States. In the 1990s, during the longest economic expansion in the United States economy, the majority of new jobs were created by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs operating high-growth businesses.> Because entrepreneurs are such a wellspring of growth in the economy, many rural policymakers have shifted their long-time focus of recruiting existing firms, such as branch plants, to developing new ...
Economic Review , Volume 87 , Issue Q III , Pages 45-70

Conference Paper
The move toward free trade zones

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Conference Paper
Opening remarks

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Conference Paper
Commentary : a Main Street banker's perspective

Proceedings – Rural and Agricultural Conferences , Issue Aug , Pages 43-47

Journal Article
Survey of community banks in the Tenth Federal Reserve District

Banks responded to questions the Kansas City Fed asked about regulatory compliance, staffing needs, competitions and more.
TEN , Issue Win , Pages 18-21

Journal Article
Will farm profits shift in 2013?

Despite a severe drought, profits in the U.S. farm sector soared in 2012. Beginning in late June, U.S. crops and pastures wilted under one of the worst droughts in history. Although total farm incomes remained high, the drought exacerbated a widening gulf in profitability between the crop and livestock sectors.
Main Street Economist , Issue 6

Conference Paper
Risk: remarks - 2007 trends in financial risk and fraud

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences




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