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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  Series:e-Perspectives 

Journal Article
Addressing mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures

Numerous programs, partnerships and other efforts--led by public, private and nonprofit organizations--are under way to reduce the number of delinquencies and foreclosures.
e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
New \\"Banker's quick reference guide to CRA\\"

The Community Affairs Office of the Dallas Fed has revised A Banker's Quick Reference Guide to CRA. The publication is a tool for quickly accessing information about CRA regulation and examination procedures.
e-Perspectives , Issue 3

Journal Article
Earned Income Tax Credit: Bank One program helps low-income taxpayers

Many low-income working families are unaware that they can receive up to $4,140 in tax credits under the IRS' Earned Income Tax Credit program. Others file with commercial tax preparation services that charge not only a fee for the tax preparation and electronic filing but also high interest on refund anticipation loans. Bank One stepped up with a volunteer program to assist low-income people in preparing their tax returns and claiming the EITC. The bank also helped the filers open bank accounts so they could get their refunds by direct deposit.
e-Perspectives , Issue 4

Journal Article
Notes from the field: interview with city of Fort Worth's Homelessness Program Director

In March the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas interviewed Otis Thornton, Homelessness Program Director at the City of Fort Worth, to discuss the fundamentals of homelessness and efforts to combat it.
e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
Ask the examiner

We asked Diane van Gelder, director of examinations in the Dallas Fed's Consumer Affairs Division, for advice on the steps bank compliance officers should take to prepare for these regulatory changes.
e-Perspectives , Issue 3

Journal Article
SBDCs: a one-stop shop for small businesses

e-Perspectives , Issue 5

Journal Article
Determining coverage under HOEPA

To understand how these amendments affect a typical home equity loan, a loan example has been developed that incorporates the changes in the regulation. The annual percentage rate test and the points and fees test are applied to a loan example.
e-Perspectives , Issue 2

Journal Article
Two multibanks help medical diagnostics firm take off

e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
Banking on safety: banks accept alternative ID to fight crime and reach new markets

e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
Partnering colleges with their communities

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assists historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with grants through the Office of University Partnerships. The office helps the HBCUs expand their role and effectiveness in addressing community development needs in their local regions. HUD grants are awarded to help revitalize neighborhoods and promote affordable housing near HBCU campuses.
e-Perspectives , Issue 3




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