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Challenges for monetary policy in a globalized economy

Remarks before the Global Interdependence Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 17, 2008. ; "...the FOMC does not intend to just squat and wait should economic data and sound risk management signal that monetary accommodation is required."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 34

Ending 'Too Big to Fail'

Remarks before the Conservative Political Action Conference, National Harbor, Maryland, March 16, 2013 ; "The aim of our three-step proposal is simple: All banks would be subject to the same regulatory oversight?and most important, they all would be subject to the market discipline exercised by owners and creditors."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 129

Fiscal policy. Oy! (with reference to Ben Bernanke, Ken Arrow, Thomas Jefferson, William Shakespeare and the Oracle of Omaha)

Remarks at the 2013 National Association for Business Economics Conference, Houston, TX, May 16, 2013 ; "I have advocated that we should begin to reef in the sails, beginning with our MBS purchase program. In my view, the housing market is on a self-sustaining path and does not need the same level of impetus we have been giving it."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 131

Taming the Too-Big-to-Fails: Will Dodd–Frank Be the Ticket or Is Lap-Band surgery required? (with reference to Vinny Guadagnino, Andrew Haldane, Paul Volcker, John Milton, Tom Hoenig and Churchill’s ‘Terminological Inexactitude’)

Remarks before Columbia University?s Politics and Business Club, New York City, NY, November 15, 2011 ; "I shall speak of the difficulty of treating [too big to fail] in a culture held hostage by concerns for 'contagion,' 'systemic risk' and 'unique solutions.' I will posit that preoccupation with these concerns leads to an ethic that coddles survival of the fattest rather than promoting survival of the fittest, to the detriment of social welfare and economic efficiency."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 100

China's economic growth

Remarks before the Annual Symposium on Critical Global Markets: China's Remarkable Rise, Center for American and International Law, Dallas, TX, June 14, 2005
Speeches and Essays , Paper 112

A U.S. economic update and perspective on monetary policy (with reference to Leslie W. Fisher)

Remarks before the Australian Business Economists, Sydney, Australia, November 4, 2013 ; "Under these circumstances, it is no small wonder American businesses are not expanding and growing jobs at the pace we at the Fed would like to see. It is no small wonder that our economy is growing at a substandard pace compared to previous recoveries. It is no small wonder that the most expansive monetary policy the FOMC has ever engineered has been hampered from accomplishing what it set out to do. In short, while the Fed has been moving at the speed of a boomer in full run, the federal government of ...
Speeches and Essays , Paper 140

Comments on stylized facts of globalization and world inflation

"In today's world, where investors can move their funds instantly from one currency to another to avoid depreciation, the price central bankers pay for high inflation is much higher than in the past. Understanding this, you can see why I am a steadfast inflation-fighting owl." ; Remarks for a panel discussion at the International Symposium of the Banque de France on Globalisation, Inflation and Monetary Policy, Paris, France, March 7, 2008.
Speeches and Essays , Paper 31

A Balanced Approach to Monetary Policy

An essay by Dallas Fed President Robert S. Kaplan from November 27, 2017.
Speeches and Essays , Paper 172

An overview of banking, and the U.S. and Texas economies

Remarks before the Texas Department of Banking Staff Conference Saluting Texas Bank Examiners? 100th Anniversary, Austin, Texas, September 12, 2005
Speeches and Essays , Paper 114

A Perspective on Oil

An essay by Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Robert S. Kaplan from June 19, 2018.
Speeches and Essays , Paper 175




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