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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 

Vanquishing too big to fail
The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas balanced myriad roles in 2012, stepping up outreach efforts, banking supervision responsibilities, research production and educational programs during a challenging period for the economy.
AUTHORS: Fisher, Richard W.; Rosenblum, Harvey
DATE: 2012

What d'ya know? Lifetime learning in pursuit of the American dream
AUTHORS: Cox, W. Michael; Alm, Richard
DATE: 2004

These are the good old days: a report on U.S. living standards
AUTHORS: Cox, W. Michael; Alm, Richard
DATE: 1993

Community Banks Withstand the Storm
Community banks, which rely on strong customer relationships and disciplined lending practices, weathered the financial crisis better than large, nontraditional banks. This superior performance suggests that a back-to-basics approach to banking could help the nation realize financial stability that lasts.
AUTHORS: Gunther, Jeffery W.; Klemme, Kelly
DATE: 2012

Opportunity knocks: selling our services to the world
Over the past century, the U.S. has developed a deep, diverse pool of skilled, productive and well-paid service providers.
AUTHORS: Cox, W. Michael; Alm, Richard
DATE: 2007

What's Next? Factors Determining the Housing Recovery's Pace
The current balance between the number of owner-occupied homes and rental units demanded, along with existing housing supply, favors a continued recovery in house prices and construction even after temporary delays attributable to severe winter weather in 2013?14. Still, the future pace of the housing recovery will reflect important supply and demand influences?the impact of new homes on supply, market developments affecting housing prices and the alternative costs of renting.
AUTHORS: Duca, John V.
DATE: 2013

China Slowdown: Little Headwind for Texas
The much-heralded slowdown of growth in China presents a limited challenge to Texas? growth because of the state?s relatively small direct trade exposure.
AUTHORS: Wynne, Mark A.
DATE: 2015

Regionally, Housing Rebound Depends on Jobs, Local Supply Tightness
After swinging from exuberant boom to epic bust over a decade, many local U.S. housing markets began a long-awaited housing recovery in 2012. The pace of house price change varied across metropolitan areas, mainly reflecting how local builders reacted to increased demand.
AUTHORS: Duca, John V.
DATE: 2013

Nationally, Housing Recovery Finally Gains Traction
U.S. housing markets experienced a notable boom and a painful bust during the past decade. Most recently, housing began its long-awaited recovery?the subject of the Dallas Fed?s 2013 Annual Report. In three essays, widely recognized housing expert and associate director of research John Duca shares insights on the national and regional markets and the outlook for housing.
AUTHORS: Duca, John V.
DATE: 2013

Texas Banks Enter This Downturn on Better Footing
The oil price plunge that began in mid-2014 is reminiscent of the state?s big bust nearly three decades ago, when oil prices declined more than 70 percent in real terms.
AUTHORS: Killgo, Kory A.; Moore, Robert R.
DATE: 2015




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