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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 

Without Immigration, U.S. Economy Will Struggle to Grow

Slowing labor force growth is the product of a number of factors—the aging of the U.S. population, retiring baby boomers and declining birth rates. But another element is immigration.
Dallas Fed Economics

Economics of Love: Rejection Worth Chance at Dream Date

With the advance of social networks and increasing prevalence of online dating, the question of how men and women match up has gained importance in economics and society.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Reserve Adequacy Explains Emerging-Market Sensitivity to U.S. Monetary Policy

Emerging economies that borrow in U.S. dollars are sensitive to U.S. monetary policy due to changing exchange rates. However, the marginal effect of this sensitivity is determined by the relative amount of U.S. dollars held in reserve.
Economic Letter , Volume 13 , Issue 9 , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
Sovereign wealth funds allow countries to invest for more than the long term

Some experts question the investment motives, while others regard sovereign wealth funds as a helpful source of capital and even a vehicle for socially responsible investment.
Economic Letter , Volume 8

Working Paper
Reserves and Risk: Evidence from China

We consider if the Chinese accumulation of reserves is associated with unintended consequences in the form of increased private sector risk taking. Using sovereign credit default swap spreads and stock index prices as indicators of risk taking, we provide evidence to suggest that as reserve holdings increase, so does the willingness of the private sector to take on more risk. This is an important finding that adds credence to the suggestion that insurance through costly reserves, to be used in the event of a crisis, may lead to private sector actions that in and of themselves make it more ...
Globalization Institute Working Papers , Paper 387

Journal Article
Welfare to workfare....Texas style

Houston Business , Issue Nov

Journal Article
A touch (up) of class

Teamwork restores Amarillo apartment complex
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 3 , Pages 3-5

Journal Article
Texas Southern University prepares community development professionals (Houston)

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 2 , Pages 6

Journal Article
Financial services and the Mexican immigrant; Q&A with Ann Baddour and Rebecca Lightsey

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 2-4

Conference Paper
The domestic politics of Mexican trade policy





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