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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 

Journal Article
Bridging the economic divide: Cincinnati's crisis presents new opportunities

This issue of CR Forum is a special edition highlighting one Fourth District city: Cincinnati, Ohio, and the civil unrest experienced there this year.
Community Reinvestment Forum , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Bad standards

An argument that what is essential in any arbitrary measure--including measures of value--is that they can be counted on to convey accurate and consistent information. When a central bank tolerates inflation, it reduces an economy's ability to make decisions based on value.
Economic Commentary , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Lessons from the collapse of three state-chartered private deposit insurance funds

An analysis of the collapse of the Rhode Island Share and Deposit Indemnity Corporation, distinguishing the elements of failure and resolution that it shared with other large state-chartered deposit insurance funds--principally the Ohio and Maryland funds--from those that were unique to Rhode Island.
Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
U.S. ethnic scientists and entrepreneurs

Immigrants are exceptionally important for U.S. technology development, accounting for almost half of the country?s Ph.D. workforce in science and engineering. Most notably, the contribution of Chinese and Indian scientists and entrepreneurs in U.S. high-technology sectors increased dramatically in the 1990s. These ethnic scientific communities in the United States further help transfer new technologies back to their home countries.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Labor Market Tightness across the United States since the Great Recession

Though labor market statistics are often reported and discussed at the national level, conditions can vary quite a bit across individual states. We explore differences in these conditions before and after the Great Recession using a ratio of the number of unemployed workers to job vacancies. We show that the intensity of the adverse effects of the recession and the strength of the recovery varied geographically at all points in the process. We also demonstrate that wage growth is delayed until the ratio of unemployed workers to job vacancies returns to prerecession levels.
Economic Commentary , Volume 2018 , Issue 01 , Pages 6

Journal Article
A conference on price stability

A discussion of six papers presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's Conference on Price Stability in November 1990, focusing on how recent developments in macroeconomic research have changed perceptions about optimal inflation policy.
Economic Review , Volume 27 , Issue Q IV , Pages 2-9

Journal Article
Understanding the fiscal theory of the price level

Price stability is an important goal of public policy. To reach this goal, two key questions must be addressed: How can price stability be achieved? And, how much price stability is desirable? The authors review the fiscal theory of the price level, with special emphasis on its implications for the feasibility and desirability of price stability.
Economic Review , Issue Q II , Pages 2-38

Globalization and monetary policy, speech presented at a Global Interdependence Center (GIC) conference in Paris, France on May 13, 2008

In a speech at a Global Interdependence Center (GIC) conference in Paris, France, Sandra Pianalto, president and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, explains how global price pressures can increase the complexity of formulating monetary policy.
Speech , Paper 18

Periodic Essay
Reflections from Loretta J. Mester

I struggled with whether or not I should send out a message after the Atlanta attack. On the one hand, I believe such a heinous act requires condemnation and a public statement that I, and the institution I lead, are committed to championing diversity, equity, inclusion, and economic opportunity. It would be wrong to just look away. On the other hand, reacting only by going on record as being against atrocious acts like this feels too much like resigned acceptance that this is the way things are. Social responsibility requires us to act. The hard question is what can be done to reduce the ...
Reflections by Loretta Mester , Volume 2021 , Issue 01 , Pages 1

Journal Article
Accelerating money growth: is M2 telling us something?

A look at the recent acceleration in M2, examining evidence that its velocity has stabilized around a new trend, analyzing the usefulness of money in monetary policy deliberations, and highlighting some of the pitfalls of ignoring money growth.
Economic Commentary , Issue Nov



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