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Journal Article
Concentrated poverty in Milwaukee

Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath created a renewed awareness of the unique isolation and vulnerability of people who live in communities where poverty concentrates and persists. The Federal Reserve?s Community Affairs staff partnered with the Brookings Institution to re-examine our understanding of concentrated poverty ? defined as areas where at least 40 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.
Profitwise , Issue Jul , Pages 1-9

Journal Article
CFED’s assets and opportunity scorecard highlights national inconsistencies in financial security

Asset building plays an integral role in alleviating poverty and bolstering financial security for individuals and families. Assets move families beyond living paycheck to paycheck and give them tools to plan for the future. But in order to improve asset building in the future, we first have to determine where we stand today. To do this, the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a nonprofit organization that works to promote economic opportunity, has created its most comprehensive tool yet to measure ownership and financial security, the Assets and Opportunity Scorecard: Financial ...
Profitwise , Issue Feb , Pages 6-7

Journal Article
Searching for More Impact: Impact Data on Banks for the Big Picture

How can an investor ? looking to invest in or place deposits in a bank in Chicago ? best identify a bank that is focused on underserved populations and that also fits his interest in social and financial performance criteria? How can a bank chief executive officer understand how her bank compares to peers in terms of social performance? How can regulators and public policymakers identify high-impact institutions that serve as anchors in underserved communities?
Profitwise , Issue 1 , Pages 10-15

Journal Article
Economic development in rural Wisconsin: developing a 21st century response to compete in today’s global marketplace

In October 2011, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago?s Community Development and Policy Studies division co-sponsored a two-day conference that explored and discussed policies that speed, strengthen, and enhance economic development in Wisconsin?s rural areas to increase their competitiveness in today?s global economy. This article summarizes key points from presentations and discussions at the symposium. ; Over 150 participants, representing community banks in the Seventh Federal Reserve District, economic development/finance agencies, small business owners, researchers, and policymakers, ...
Profitwise , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Small Business Performance in Industries in LMI Neighborhoods After the Great Recession: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles

Small businesses are essential to the economic infrastructure of both lower-income and higher-income neighborhoods. In this report, we compare small business performance in lower-income vs higher-income areas. Findings offer some directions for growing small businesses in LMI and ethnic/minority neighborhoods
Profitwise , Issue 3 , Pages 1-20

Journal Article
Check clearing in the 21st Century: where are my checks?

Financial institutions are understandably concerned with the technological and procedural implications of Check 21, but smoothing the transition with customers ultimately may prove to be the key challenge. Millions of people still use paper checks and won?t be happy to find facsimiles returned in their monthly statements.
Profitwise , Issue Mar , Pages 12-15

Journal Article
Consumption trends of the U.S. hispanic population from 1980-2003

Between 1980 and 2003, the number of Hispanics in the United States increased dramatically from 14.6 million to 39.2 million. As a proportion of the national population, the share of Hispanics more than doubled from 6 percent to nearly 14 percent during this period. Projections from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate this trend will continue well into the future: Hispanics are expected to comprise 20.1 percent of the U.S. population, or 73.1 million individuals, by 2030. In addition to being a huge source of population growth, Hispanics have also been playing an increasingly important role in ...
Profitwise , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Determinants of federal and state community development spending: 1981–2004

The goal of this article is to describe and analyze community development spending at the state level for the period 1981 to 2004. Two components of each state?s housing and community development spending are analyzed: transfers from the federal government that are subsequently spent by states and localities, and expenditures from moneys generated by states and localities. In addition to describing broad trends in public community development spending over time, we also analyze the determinants of both the federal transfers and the state- and local-generated components of total state ...
Profitwise , Issue Oct , Pages 5-12

Journal Article
Developing small businesses and leveraging resources in Detroit: an informed discussion among financial institutions, policymakers and Other stakeholders in Detroit

In October 2012, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the Michigan Bankers Association and the New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan co-sponsored a symposium in Detroit that brought together business experts, business owners, policymakers, funders and bankers to explore issues around access to small business credit and financing in Detroit. As Alicia Williams, vice president of the Community Development and Policy Studies (CDPS) division, explained in her opening remarks, the symposium was a follow-up to meetings hosted around the country by the Federal Reserve System?s Community ...
Profitwise , Issue Apr , Pages 1-11

Journal Article
Lessons learned from the conference series: an informed discussion of financial access for immigrants

During the past two years, the Consumer and Community Affairs (CCA) division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago held a series of conferences focused on increasing access to financial services for immigrants. The conference series was conducted under the umbrella of CCA?s Center for the Study of Financial Access for Immigrants. The primary goal of the conference series was to provide forums where individuals interested in the topic of financial services access for immigrants could share ideas, practices, and innovative approaches to meeting immigrant financial services demand. The ...
Profitwise , Issue Aug




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