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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago  Series:Economic Perspectives 

Journal Article
How do benefit adjustments for government transfer programs compare with their participants' inflation experiences?

The authors measure the inflation experienced by demographic groups that likely received benefits from major government transfer programs during the period 1980?2010. They then compare the group-specific inflation measures with the transfer programs? benefit adjustments, which are typically based on aggregate inflation. The extent to which the program benefits keep up with group inflation differs across the programs and their targeted groups, depending on both the ways in which the benefits are adjusted for price changes and the spending patterns of the various groups.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 35 , Issue Q IV

Journal Article
State and local government deposits in the district: Laws and deposit allocation

Economic Perspectives , Volume 1 , Issue Mar , Pages 22-31

Journal Article
Benjamin Franklin and monetary policy in colonial Pennsylvania

Economic Perspectives , Volume 5 , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Early warning models for bank supervision: Simpler could be better.

Can computer-based models, using publicly available information, be used as off-site early warning systems (EWS) to identify banks that will become inadequately capitalized in the near future? The EWS models analyzed in this article are able to detect the early onset of financial distress one year in advance with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Although simple EWS models do as well as or better than more sophisticated ones, more sophisticated models could provide detailed information about individual bank strengths and weaknesses.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 27 , Issue Q III , Pages 49-60

Journal Article
Government: a year of change and surprise

Economic Perspectives , Volume 1 , Issue Jan , Pages 21-23

Journal Article
Interest rate volatility in 1980

Economic Perspectives , Volume 5 , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Trends in homeownership: race, demographics, and income

The nation's homeownership rate recently reached an all-time high, with especially large gains among black households. This article quantifies the impact of underlying demographic and income trends on homeownership, concluding that while much of the increase in the aggregate homeownership rate can be attributed to faster growth in real incomes, the gains experienced by blacks may, in part, reflect a new regulatory environment.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 22 , Issue Q II , Pages 53-72

Journal Article
School vouchers: recent findings and unanswered questions

The authors review the existing literature on the impact of school vouchers on student achievement. They conclude that expectations about the ability of vouchers to drastically improve student achievement, at least as measured by test scores, should be tempered by the results of the studies to date. Also, there is very little evidence about the potential for public schools to respond to increased competitive pressure generated by vouchers.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 32 , Issue Q III

Journal Article
The economy and the banking system

Excerpt from a speech made to the Assembly for Bank Directors, Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada, June 7, 1979
Economic Perspectives , Volume 3 , Issue Jul

Journal Article
The challenges facing community banks: in their own words

Ten years of deregulation, new technology, and increase competition have made the U.S. banking industry a less hospital place for many community banks. But the consensus view among ten community bankers recently surveyed by the Federal Reserve is that rapid industry change has provided opportunities as well as threats, and that well-managed, innovative community banks will be able to profitably coexist with large multi-state banks in the future.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 26 , Issue Q IV , Pages 2-17




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