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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago  Series:Economic Perspectives 

Journal Article
1984 Bank Structure Conference highlights

Economic Perspectives , Volume 8 , Issue Jul , Pages 13-16

Journal Article
Deregulation of the financial sector

Economic Perspectives , Volume 6 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Hog butchers no longer: 20 years of employment change in metropolitan Chicago

Economic Perspectives , Volume 15 , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Reversal of fortune: understanding the Midwest recovery

Has the Midwest been good or lucky in its recent recovery? In this article, the authors assess the internal and external factors that have contributed to the revival of midwestern economic fortunes over the last decade.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 21 , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Income inequality and redistribution in five countries

This article studies income inequality in five countries and compares the redistributive consequences of taxes and transfers across these countries.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q II , Pages 2-20

Journal Article
The economy and the banking system

Excerpt from a speech made to the Assembly for Bank Directors, Harbour Castle, Toronto, Canada, June 7, 1979
Economic Perspectives , Volume 3 , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Update: public utility taxation in Illinois

Economic Perspectives , Volume 10 , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Earnings announcements, private information, and liquidity

In this article, the author examines how the price impact of a trade varies throughout the days surrounding public earnings announcements. The results indicate that public news releases correlate with a reduction in the price impact of a trade on the day of the announcement
Economic Perspectives , Volume 30 , Issue Q I , Pages 39-54

Journal Article
The 1990 Clean Air Act: a tougher regulatory challenge facing Midwest industry

Economic Perspectives , Volume 16 , Issue May , Pages 2-18

Journal Article
Assessing the condition of Japanese banks: how informative are accounting earnings?

This article examines the accounting and stock market performance of banks from 1991 to 1997. Overall, the results indicate that the accounting, disclosure, and regulatory practices of Japanese banks have drive a wedge between their accounting and stock market returns in recent years and, furthermore, that regulatory forbearance might have become a more important source of value to shareholders than the value of assets in place.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 22 , Issue Q IV , Pages 12-34




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