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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago  Series:Economic Perspectives 

Journal Article
The self-employment duration of younger men over the business cycle

Spells of self-employment for younger men are typically of short duration with slightly more than half lasting two years or less. This article examines factors that lead to longer durations, focusing on the role of cyclical factors in distinguishing entrepreneurs from discouraged wage workers.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 30 , Issue Q III , Pages 14-27

Journal Article
A note on the increase in noninsured commercial banks

Economic Perspectives , Volume 12 , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Long-run labor market dynamics and short-run inflation

Economic Perspectives , Volume 18 , Issue Mar , Pages 15-27

Journal Article
Foreign currency futures: reducing foreign exchange risk

Economic Perspectives , Volume 6 , Issue Win

Journal Article
The Midwest and the recession

Economic Perspectives , Volume 5 , Issue Jan , Pages 3-7

Journal Article
Measurement errors and quality-adjustment methodology: lessons from the Japanese CPI

This article examines the problems inherent in quality changes/new goods bias in the Consumer Price Index, using the Japanese case as an example. The author proposes a practical way to improve the accuracy of quality adjustments by introducing the hedonic approach to the conventional procedure.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 23 , Issue Q II

Journal Article
The federal safety net: not for banks only

Economic Perspectives , Volume 11 , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Banking insights: Trends in capital at District banks: 1965–76

Economic Perspectives , Volume 2 , Issue Mar , Pages 7-9

Journal Article
Banking 1989: not quite a twice-told tale

Events in 1989 resembled those of 1987 in banking, but the differences were significant?and the stakes were higher.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 14 , Issue Jul , Pages 11-20

Journal Article
Shaping the Great Lakes economy: a conference summary

Economic Perspectives , Volume 17 , Issue Jul




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