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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago  Series:Economic Perspectives 

Journal Article
Understanding the great trade collapse of 2008–09 and the subsequent trade recovery

This article documents the Great Trade Collapse of 2008?09, as well as the dramatic recovery in trade of 2009?10. The authors consider how three distinct policy actions ? fiscal stimulus, funding for trade finance and a commitment to refrain from increasing trade barriers ? might have affected both the collapse and recovery.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 35 , Issue Q II

Journal Article
The Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980

Economic Perspectives , Volume 4 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Interest rates following financial re-regulation

This article uses a calibrated general-equilibrium model of lending from the wealthy to the middle class to evaluate the effects of tightening household lending standards. The authors simulate a rise in down payment and amortization rates from their average values in the late 1990s and early 2000s to levels more typical of the era before the financial deregulation of the early 1980s. Their results show a drop in loan demand. This substantially lowers interest rates for an extended period. Counterintuitively, tightening lending standards makes borrowers better off.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 34 , Issue Q I , Pages 2-13

Journal Article
Preannounced tax cuts and their potential influence on the 2001 recession

The authors present a model in which anticipated future tax cuts, like those promised during the 2000 U.S. presidential campaign, generate a contraction in economic activity with some of the atypical features observed during the 2001 recession (such as its relatively strong consumption and home investment).
Economic Perspectives , Volume 33 , Issue Q III

Journal Article
The Garn-St Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982

Economic Perspectives , Volume 7 , Issue Mar , Pages 3-31

Journal Article
Financial services in the year 2000

Economic Perspectives , Volume 12 , Issue Sep , Pages 13-16

Journal Article
Payment instrument choice: the case of prepaid cards

The costs and benefits to payment system participants can differ depending on which payment mechanism is used. The authors specifically explore the costs and benefits of prepaid card applications versus other payment instruments, such as cash, checks, and debit cards, for certain payment segments, including gift, payroll, and employer-initiated and government benefit programs.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 30 , Issue Q II , Pages 29-43

Journal Article
Highway capacity and economic growth

The quality and quantity of highway transportation systems have a direct bearing on economic growth?good roads are good business.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 14 , Issue Sep , Pages 14-24

Journal Article
Banking insights: Behavior of the income velocity of money

Economic Perspectives , Volume 1 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Entry and competition in highly concentrated banking markets

This article studies conditions of entry and competitive conduct in highly concentrated banking markets. The author estimates the minimum market size at which a second bank, a third, a fourth, and so on, can enter and maintain long-run profitability. The results suggest no evidence of cartel-like behavior, where banks collude and maximize joint monopoly profits, even in markets with only two or three banks. The results are more consistent with the competitive conduct predicted by models of oligopolistic behavior.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 26 , Issue Q IV , Pages 18-27




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