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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

Less acres, high usage boost grain prices

Agricultural Letter , Issue Jul , Pages 1-2

Journal Article
Corruption and innovation

In this article, the author illustrates how corruption can affect an industry's rate of innovation. An interesting result of analysis is that, under certain parameter ranges, small increases in the penalties to corruption or the effectiveness of detection can result in large increases in product innovation.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 32 , Issue Q I , Pages 29-39

Journal Article
The credit risk-contingency system of an Asian development bank

This article offers a new method for the evaluation of financial institutions, one that combines socioeconomic survey data with appropriate accounting standards. A government-operated development bank in Thailand is found to be offering a risk-contingency or insurance system while being regulated as a more standard, loan-generating bank. Farmer clients experiencing adverse shocks receive indemnities that improve their well-being. With proper provisioning and accounts, that welfare gain could be weighed against premia or government subsidies.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q III

Journal Article
Wealth effect of geographical deregulation: the case of Illinois

Economic Perspectives , Volume 10 , Issue Mar , Pages 13-17

Working Paper
Alligators in the swamp: the impact of derivatives on the financial performance of depository institutions

It has been argued that underpriced federal deposit insurance provides incentive for insured institutions to increase the value of shareholder equity by expanding into activities that shift risk onto the deposit insurer. Derivative instruments have been used by firms to change their risk exposure. Permitting firms with substantial moral hazard incentives to utilize interest-rate derivative instruments could lead to higher rather than lower exposure to risk. This article, using a sample of savings and loan associations (S&Ls), examines the proposition that involvement with interest-rate ...
Working Paper Series, Issues in Financial Regulation , Paper WP-96-6

New! Improved! The MMI gets a different look

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Aug

Fuel and food: the good, the bad, and the long-run

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jul

Conference Paper
The pricing effect of certification on bank loans: evidence from the syndicated credit market

Proceedings , Paper 864

Conference Paper
The originate-to-distribute model and refi waves

Proceedings , Paper 1127

Conference Paper
Alternative methods of corporate control in commercial banks

Proceedings , Paper 45



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