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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

Conference Paper
Swaps and systemic risk in interbank markets

Proceedings , Paper 399

Conference Paper
Joint venture payment networks and public policy

Proceedings , Paper 602

Conference Paper
A practical perspective on thrift difficulties

Proceedings , Paper 164

Conference Paper
Finance theory and financial intermediation

Proceedings , Paper 170

Conference Paper
Product mix and earnings volatility at commercial banks: evidence from a degree of leverage model

Proceedings , Paper 616

Conference Paper
How to get off the back of a tiger, or, do initial conditions constrain deposit insurance reform?

Proceedings , Paper 158

Conference Paper
What can bank regulation do better?

Proceedings , Paper 819

Conference Paper
Are banking supervisory data useful for macroeconomic forecasts?

Proceedings , Paper 825

Conference Paper
Legal risk as a determinant of syndicate structure in the project finance loan market

This paper examines how legal risk, defined as the strength of creditor rights and legal enforcement, affects debt ownership concentration in the project finance loan market. Using a sample of 495 project finance loan tranches from 61 countries, worth $151 billion, we document high levels of debt ownership concentration: the largest single bank holds 20.3% while the top five banks collectively hold 61.2% of a typical project finance loan tranche. We also show that weak creditor rights and poor legal enforcement are associated with more diffuse ownership structures, which leads us to conclude ...
Proceedings , Paper 831



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