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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

Milk production is leveling off

Agricultural Letter , Issue Jul 26

Journal Article
A new role for federal crop insurance

Economic Perspectives , Volume 5 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Is Europe ready for 1992?

A half-dozen experts look at the difficulties of melding the regulatory philosophies and practices of the dozen members of the EEC into a single financial Eurosystem.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 14 , Issue May , Pages 19-21

1990 outlook: slowdown, then pickup

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

The growth of person-to-person electronic payments

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Aug

The performance of Seventh District food processing

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Sep

Foreign exchange trading and settlement: past and present

Since 1989, global foreign exchange turnover (and settlements) has more than tripled, to just over $2 trillion per day. This article expands upon a January 2005 Chicago Fed Letter that described broad clearing and settlement principles, and focuses more specifically on foreign exchange settlement practices, past and present.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

Working Paper
North-South business cycles

This paper shows that the economic activity of the industrial North and developing South move together - when the North is above its trend, the South tends to be above its trend. We refer to this phenomenon as the "North-South business cycle." The paper develops a quantitative general equilibrium model of North-South trade that captures many cyclical features of North-South trade and production data. In particular, the high volatility of North-South terms of trade, and strong comovement of Northern and Southern activity. On the basis of this model we argue that North-South business cycles ...
Working Paper Series, Macroeconomic Issues , Paper WP-96-9

Conference Paper
Deregulation and profitability

Proceedings , Paper 342

Conference Paper
The choice of regulators in banking

Proceedings , Paper 811



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