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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Boston  Series:Communities and Banking 

Journal Article
Role-playing our way to solutions

Many community development challenges are intractable because it?s hard to convene all the relevant stakeholders to work on real solutions with real consequences. Now a few organizations are trying out multiplayer scenarios as a way to give serious thought to opposing views. Scenarios feel safe because they are pretend, but the great thing about pretend is that it can open minds and lead to unexpectedly collaborative innovations.
Communities and Banking , Issue Winter , Pages 20-21

Journal Article
Building community through the arts: the North Adams story

In North Adams, the walls of the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) form a dividing line between the highminded art within and the struggling postindustrial city without. ; But outside the 13-acre complex, the erstwhile mill town boasts its own arts community, comprising artists who arrived after MoCA and institutions and residents who predate it. Creative placemaking (shaping the character of a geographic area around the arts and culture) provides a useful paradigm for exploring the synergy between the two creative spheres. By framing North Adams as a prototypical ...
Communities and Banking , Issue Winter , Pages 17-19

Journal Article
New England fishermen adapt to a sea change

As ocean waters warm and fish populations plunge, New England fishermen and regulators hope to chart a new course.
Communities and Banking , Issue Summer , Pages 29-31

Journal Article
How local regulations can help meet our housing needs

Gretchen Weismann and Maggie Adams of Northeastern University's Center for Urban and Regional Policy analyze how building codes and zoning regulations affect housing costs and impede the construction of affordable housing. They also profile successful regulatory practices around the country.
Communities and Banking , Issue Fall , Pages 2-9

Journal Article
When motivation means opportunity: training for real jobs

Vermont and New Hampshire companies needing workers with specialized skills are turning to Vermont HITEC?s training programs. The organization works with companies to screen the unemployed and underemployed for motivation and to train them for guaranteed, well-paid jobs.
Communities and Banking , Issue Win , Pages 17-19

Journal Article
Solving the Upper Valley's housing needs: how a coalition of public and private organizations joined forces to develop housing in a region with inadequate stock and prohibitive prices

Like many communities, New Hampshire and Vermont's Upper Valley region is facing a serious housing shortage. Dan French reveals how an innovative housing coalition is working to find solutions that provide housing and protect the area's quality of life.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 3-9

Journal Article
25 years of internships

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has provided mentoring and paid internships to inner-city high school students since 1982. The most recent initiative, FinTech Scholars, prepares young people specifically for careers in financial services.
Communities and Banking , Issue Win , Pages 10-11

Journal Article
Economic revitalization through the arts: the creative economy

Whether artists' lofts lure tourists or graphic designers enhance manufacturing, the benefits of the creative economy are everywhere. Today New England is learning the value of fully integrating this source of growth into economic-development agendas.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 6-9

Journal Article
Native American Bank: banking the unbanked

In 2001, 21 tribes formed Native American Bancorporation, the first nationally focused tribal bank. A Chippewa Cree and former assistant vice president of commercial lending explains why NAB?s understanding of tribal law has helped the bank serve customers better.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 20-23

Journal Article
Financing the development of urban minority communities: lessons from history

Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 12-15




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