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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Working Paper
Mortgage Prepayment, Race, and Monetary Policy

This paper documents large differences in mortgage prepayment behavior across racial and ethnic groups in the United States, which have significant implications for monetary policy, inequality, and pricing. Using a novel data set that combines administrative data on mortgage performance with information on race and ethnicity, we show that Black and Hispanic white borrowers have significantly lower prepayment rates compared with Non-Hispanic white borrowers, holding income, credit score, and equity constant. This gap is on the order of 50 percent and largely reflects different sensitivities ...
Working Papers , Paper 20-7

Working Paper
Real Effects of Foreign Exchange Risk Migration: Evidence from Matched Firm-Bank Microdata

When firms trade forward contracts with banks to protect foreign currency cash flows against exchange rate movements, foreign exchange risk migrates to the banking sector. We show how this migrated risk may induce systemic repercussions with severe implications for the real economy. For identification, we exploit the Brexit referendum in June 2016 as a quasi-natural experiment in combination with detailed microdata on forward contracts and the credit register in Germany. Before the referendum, firms substantially increased their use of derivatives in response to the heightened uncertainty; ...
Working Papers , Paper 20-8

Working Paper
Consumer Payment Choice for Bill Payments

Why do US consumers pay their bills the way they do? Using data from a recent diary of consumer payment behavior, we find that the type of bill consumers are paying and how they are paying (online or automatically) are important factors in determining the payment method, in addition to the dollar value of the bill and the demographic and income profile of the individual who is paying. In contrast, dollar value and demographic attributes are found to be the most important factors determining the payment instrument chosen for purchases. Consumer choices for bill payments are somewhat ...
Working Papers , Paper 20-9

Economic Fragility: Implications for Recovery from the Pandemic

Clearly a deadly pandemic was bound to badly impact the economy. However, I am sorry to say that the slow build-up of risk in the low-interest-rate environment that preceded the current recession likely will make the economic recovery from the pandemic more difficult.

The Economy’s Outlook, Challenges, and Way Forward

President Rosengren’s comments were delivered at the Massachusetts Bankers Association’s New England Conference, and were based on a speech he delivered on September 23, 2020 to the Boston Economic Club.

Economic Fragility: Implications for Recovery from the Pandemic

President Rosengren’s comments were delivered as part of the Annual Regional and Community Bankers Conference, and were based on a speech he delivered on October 8, 2020 for the Marburg Memorial Lecture, Marquette University Economics Department.

Conference Paper
Large banking organization (LBO) supervision

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Issue Jun

Journal Article
It takes a village: communities tackle crime

To achieve safety improvements that are sustainable, residents, developers, and police must work together to mobilize neighbors and transform places.
Communities and Banking , Issue Summer , Pages 26-28

Journal Article
Mapping New England: higher-priced refinance loans in southern New England

In New England, 12 percent of refinance loans were higher-priced. Higher-priced refinance loans were much less common in eastern Massachusetts than in other parts of southern New England.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 23

Conference Paper
Capital allocation for operational risk: welcome remarks to a conference held November 14-16, 2001 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

The conference provided a comprehensive understanding of current and evolving best practices in identifying, measuring, and modeling operational risk and in managing and mitigating this risk through capital allocation, insurance, and other existing and potential risk management tools. The conference presented the perspectives of practitioners in the banking, securities, and insurance industries, as well as supervisors and academic specializing in these sectors. The conference also identified and discussed possible solutions to barriers that may be impeding the development of new approaches.
Conference Series ; [Proceedings]




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