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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta  Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
The federal budget deficit and the social security surplus

Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 2-13

Journal Article
Monetary policy and learning

A new strand of macroeconomic literature examines the relationship between learning and monetary policy-how monetary policymakers learn about the economy as they try to achieve their goals, how the public learns about policymakers' objectives, and how the public's learning, in turn, changes the way monetary policy works. An Atlanta Fed conference in March 2003 brought together some of the main contributors to this emerging literature. ; In the conference keynote address, reprinted here, Lars Svensson focused on what constitutes good monetary policy and how it is related to central-bank ...
Economic Review , Volume 88 , Issue Q3 , Pages 11-16

Journal Article
Commercial bank profitability: hampered again by large banks' loan problems

Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 39-54

Journal Article
Review essay on \"Privatopia\" and the Public Good by Evan McKenzie, 1994

In Privatopia, Evan McKenzie documents the history and legal structure of common interest developments, a form of residential community organization. McKenzie also looks at possible explanations for the rising popularity of these organizations despite the fact that their governing associations may impose more onerous restrictions on residents' behavior than municipal governments do. In this essay, the reviewer discusses McKenzie's explanations and adds his own based on an appreciation of the underlying economic forces that have shaped these types of communities. The reviewer concludes that ...
Economic Review , Volume 80 , Issue May , Pages 32-36

Journal Article
Deregulation and the opportunities for commercial bank diversification

Economic Review , Issue Sep , Pages 1-25

Journal Article
Evaluating the effects of monetary policy with economic models

Because of limited knowledge about how the actual, complex economy operates, policymakers depend on models for understanding its workings. For models to be usable for evaluating monetary policy effects, modelers must recognize that fluctuations or shocks in the actual economy are often driven by developments beyond the central bank's control. There are no simple rules, and neither is there a single model that represents the exact interactions between monetary policy and the rest of the economy. How good a model is depends on particular criteria. ; This article assesses the usability of a ...
Economic Review , Volume 84 , Issue Q4 , Pages 4-15

Journal Article
Competing takes hard work

Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 6-10

Journal Article
Too-big-to-fail after FDICIA

Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 1-14

Journal Article
Path-dependent options: valuation and applications

Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 30-43

Journal Article
Reforming deposit insurance and FDICIA

Current discussions about deposit insurance reform center on issues such as the size of insurance premiums, the size of the fund, and the size of the coverage limits-all issues that reflect a concern with how to allocate the losses arising from bank failures. The authors of this article argue that such issues, while important, do not affect the performance of the deposit insurance system nor should they be the focus of deposit insurance reform. They suggest that reform efforts should be directed toward strengthening the incentives to enforce the least cost resolution provisions of the Federal ...
Economic Review , Volume 87 , Issue Q1 , Pages 1-16




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