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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta  Series:Economic Review 

Journal Article
The dollar and prices: an empirical analysis

Economic Review , Issue Oct , Pages 4-18

Journal Article
Social security in Latin America: recent reforms and challenges

Over the last decade Latin American countries have served as the world's laboratory for pension systems based upon individual retirement savings accounts. In the 1990s several countries in the region followed Chile's lead in setting up individual accounts, and since that time countries throughout the world have looked to the region for lessons. ; This article summarizes the broad range of pension reforms in Latin America and highlights some of the most noteworthy and unique features of each country's reforms. Some countries have adopted defined-contribution individual accounts as a ...
Economic Review , Volume 86 , Issue Q1 , Pages 41-52

Journal Article
Overview. The Southeast in 1986

Economic Review , Issue Feb , Pages 4-12

Journal Article
Mutual funds: temporary problem or permanent morass?

The improprieties in the mutual fund industry that surfaced in the fall of 2003 prompted the passage and drafting of legislation and regulations that cover nearly every facet of mutual fund pricing and operations. While this regulatory flurry is clearly intended to protect shareholders? interests, the question remains: How will these scandals and regulatory changes ultimately affect mutual fund investors? ; When considering the problems inherent in mutual fund management and the best ways to address them, it is important, the author stresses, to understand current business practices in the ...
Economic Review , Volume 89 , Issue Q 4 , Pages 1-21

Journal Article
Instability in U.S. inflation: 1967-2005

Maintaining stables prices and keeping inflation in check have become key policy objectives of the Federal Reserve and other central banks. Evidence indicates that inflation has become less persistent and volatile since the early 1980s. Although economists have examined the implications for inflation modeling and forecasting, little information exists about whether changes or instabilities in inflation dynamics coincide with specific economic events such as oil price shocks or recessions. ; This article studies U.S. monthly inflation, inflation growth, and price level dynamics from January ...
Economic Review , Volume 91 , Issue Q 2 , Pages 39-59

Journal Article
What remains of monetarism?

In October 1979 the Federal Reserve, in an attempt to curb double-digit inflation, announced that it would place more weight on monetary aggregates in policy deliberations. This policy shift helped reduce inflation but sent the economy into a recession. Three years later the Fed abandoned monetary targets and returned to targeting the federal funds rate. ; Monetary growth targets currently play no official role in the setting of U.S. monetary policy. Is such disregard justified by the data any more today than it was twenty years ago? This article provides a historical perspective on the ...
Economic Review , Volume 86 , Issue Q4 , Pages 13-33

Journal Article
Financial repression and economic development

Economic Review , Volume 79 , Issue Sep , Pages 1-11

Journal Article
Managerial leadership: a key to electronic payment success

Economic Review , Issue Apr , Pages 22-28

Journal Article
Supply shocks and household demand for motor fuel

Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 1-11

Journal Article
Interregional migration: boon or bane for the South?

Economic Review , Issue Jan , Pages 18-34




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