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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta  Series:EconSouth 

Journal Article
Understanding CAFTA: perspectives from all sides

Implementation of the Central American Free Trade Agreement creates new opportunities for U.S. companies. Because exports drive growth in the Southeast, gaining access to these new markets should enhance regional growth and development.
EconSouth , Volume 6 , Issue Q2

Journal Article
Building a better world: infrastructure's role in economic growth

Infrastructures everywhere face strain from globalization, population growth, and urbanization. Infrastructure needs among countries vary, but infrastructure's importance to economic growth, improved public health, and poverty reduction is universal.
EconSouth , Volume 10 , Issue 2

Journal Article
Spanning the Western Hemisphere: Free Trade Area of the Americas

Thirty-four countries in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean would make up the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) if negotiations currently under way are successful in establishing this new trading bloc. While the FTAA would bring a number of benefits to its members, the economies involved differ greatly in development and structure, and finding consensus will be challenging.
EconSouth , Volume 5 , Issue Q1 , Pages 14-19

Journal Article
Exterminating the Y2K bug in banking

EconSouth , Volume 1 , Issue Q2 , Pages 2-7

Journal Article
Georgia coast braces for G-8 whirlwind

With the G-8 Summit in June, representatives of the world?s leading economies?along with vast media coverage?will converge on an isolated barrier island off Georgia?s coast. Local leaders are hoping to capitalize on the publicity windfall while avoiding the strife that has marred some past summits.
EconSouth , Volume 6 , Issue Q1

Journal Article
Nation and southeast set for modest recovery in 2002

EconSouth , Volume 3 , Issue Q4 , Pages 2-7

Journal Article
Housing and the subprime mortgage market

EconSouth , Volume 9 , Issue 3

Journal Article
Glut of office space plagues Atlanta as tenants disappear

EconSouth , Volume 5 , Issue Q2 , Pages 10-17

Journal Article
Inflation: the central challenge for U.S. monetary policymakers

EconSouth , Volume 2 , Issue Q1 , Pages 1

Journal Article
Fiscal policy: What a difference a recession makes

EconSouth , Volume 4 , Issue Q4 , Pages 1




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