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Journal Article
The changing faces of America's children and youth

Recent U.S. Census Bureau projections indicate that by the middle of this century, non-Hispanic whites will cease to be a majority of the American population. In this article we document how for America's youngest residents, the future is already here. America's rapidly changing racial and ethnic composition has important implications for intergroup relations, ethnic identities, and electoral politics.
New England Community Developments

Journal Article
Alternatives to youth incarceration

Practitioners and policymakers across the country are recognizing that alternatives to youth incarceration can yield better outcomes not only for youth and communities, but also for taxpayers.
Communities and Banking , Issue Fall , Pages 26-28

Journal Article
Lessons from the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiatives

One of the nation?s only programs that uses individual development accounts (IDAs)1 to build the assets of young people is overseen by the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, a private foundation in St. Louis, MO. The IDAs are part of a program called Opportunity Passport that was developed for young people who are ?aging out? of foster care. Started in 2001, Opportunity Passport is being implemented in 18 states by 13 nonprofits, four public agencies, and one university.
Cascade , Volume 2


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