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Ensuring That Your Voice Is Heard

Amanda Michaud, an economist and research officer at the St. Louis Fed, talks about life as an economist and her research on criminal justice policies and labor markets.
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Investigating the Role of Geography in Economics

Hannah Rubinton, an economist at the St. Louis Fed, explores how geography might affect one’s college attainment.
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Bringing the Data to FRED

Yvetta Fortova and Maria Arias are among the people powering FRED. They help ensure the St. Louis Fed’s data aggregating powerhouse runs smoothly.
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From Academia to the Federal Reserve

For Paula Tkac, associate director of research at the Atlanta Fed, breaking the rules is about looking outside the box and seeing how things can be done differently.
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Observations of a Trust-Busting Economist

Nancy Rose, an economics professor at MIT, talks about her experience as deputy assistant attorney general for economic analysis in the antitrust division at DOJ.
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Economic Forecasting during a Pandemic

Kathleen Navin’s job as an economic forecaster got even harder with the onset of COVID-19.
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The Role of Diversity in Public Institutions

Sharon Donnery, the first woman appointed deputy governor at the Central Bank of Ireland, discusses the importance of diversity.
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The Importance of Diverse Perspectives: Strategies for Supporting Women in Economics

There is a lack of diversity in the field on economics, which limits the range of perspectives during research and policy discussions. Without diverse perspectives, economists are in danger of not identifying key parts of a problem and not considering a full array of solutions. This Women in Economics special issue of Page One Economics presents the case that diversity among economists is needed to gain a wider perspective during economic research and policy development.
Page One Economics Newsletter

Researching the International Economics of Immigration

Susan Pozo, a professor at Western Michigan University, studies the significance of remittances, the money that immigrants send back to their country of origin.
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A Desire to Make a Difference

Beatrice Weder di Mauro, president of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, witnessed good and bad economic policies during her childhood.
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