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Discussion Paper
Don’t Be Late! The Importance of Timely Settlement of Tri-Party Repo Contracts

Tri-party repo is popular among securities dealers as a way to raise short-term funding. The tri-party repo settlement process has been improved, and continues to be improved, with the implementation of a set of recent reforms. Two main goals of these reforms are to sharply reduce the amount of liquidity needed to facilitate the settlement of tri-party repo contracts, and to increase the use of more resilient sources of liquidity (for example, term financing and committed credit) to ensure that settlement can occur in good and bad times. In this post, we detail how the reforms have affected ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20141020

Advancing the Fed's wholesale services in an era of unprecedented challenge and change: remarks at Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association's Operations Conference and Exhibition 2017, Boca Raton, Florida

Remarks at Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association's Operations Conference and Exhibition 2017, Boca Raton, Florida.
Speech , Paper 244

Discussion Paper
Do You Know How Your Treasury Trades Are Cleared and Settled?

The Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG) recently released a consultative white paper on clearing and settlement processes for secondary market trades of U.S. Treasury securities. The paper describes in detail the many ways Treasury trades are cleared and settled? information that may not be readily available to all market participants?and identifies potential risk and resiliency issues. The work is designed to facilitate discussion as to whether current practices have room for improvement. In this post, we summarize the current state of clearing and settlement for secondary market Treasury ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20180912

Discussion Paper
Remaining Risks in the Tri-Party Repo Market

The tri-party repo market is one in which large U.S. securities firms and bank securities affiliates (dealers) finance much of their fixed-income securities inventories. A New York Fed white paper and the Financial System Oversight Council annual report have highlighted the risks to financial stability arising from the current infrastructure of this market. The Tri-Party Repo Infrastructure Reform Task Force (Task Force), an industry group sponsored by the New York Fed, has been working on reforms that would address some of these concerns. Unfortunately, a key aspect of the reforms—capped ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20111107




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