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Working Paper
Public-private partnerships, cooperative agreements, and the production of public services in small and rural municipalities

Using data from approximately 1,000 small and mostly rural municipalities from Illinois, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin, the authors study choices in production arrangements over a wide range of services, and examine a variety of contracting options available to local governments. The data reveal that municipalities often rely on contracts to provide an extensive list of services. ; The use of for-profit contractors and cooperative agreements with other governments correlates negatively with population. Nonetheless, small municipalities are less likely to use competitive bidding processes, ...
New England Public Policy Center Working Paper , Paper 08-4

Journal Article
It's not quite business as usual: firms look for new ways to grow in rural New England

Regional Review , Volume 8 , Issue Q 3 , Pages 14-18

Journal Article
Economic strength in rural New York

In New York State, where economic growth has been sluggish for much of the last decade, the rural economy has done relatively well. The population and labor force in rural areas are expanding, and the number of jobs growing. We take a look at this robust rural economy, examining population and job growth, industrial composition, and income patterns in the state's rural areas.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Roundtables explore the challenges faced by rural economies

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Buffalo Branch and Office of Regional and Community Affairs conducted a series of roundtable talks in May 2001. The talks, cosponsored by the Independent Bankers of New York State, the North Country Alliance, and the Rural Housing Coalition, were held to determine what issues most concern the region's rural communities and to give participants an opportunity to share information that might help in planning economic growth strategies.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Sum (suppl)

Journal Article
Phone home: call centers are finding a lot to like in the district, which might have long-term impact on small cities

Fedgazette , Volume 13 , Issue May , Pages 9-11

Journal Article
Rural health care: Heal thyself?

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue May , Pages 9-11

Journal Article
Cash, check or third party?

Prescription benefit plans are squeezing retail pharmacies.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Jan , Pages 4-6

Journal Article
Rural census: half full or half empty?

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue Sep , Pages 1,4-9

Journal Article
Four funerals and a wedding: We're growing older and it won't be cheap

Fedgazette , Volume 16 , Issue Mar , Pages 2-5

Journal Article
Another reason to love country living

Kansas City Fed's Wilkerson talks about prices in rural housing markets
Fedgazette , Volume 21 , Issue May , Pages 14-15


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