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Panel remarks at the 7th High-Level Conference on the International Monetary System, Zürich, Switzerland, May 2016

Remarks at the 7th High-Level Conference on the International Monetary System, Zrich, Switzerland.
Speech , Paper 209

Working Paper
Death of a Reserve Currency

The Dutch bank florin was the dominant currency in Europe during much of the 17th and 18th centuries. The florin, a fiat money, was managed by an early central bank, the Bank of Amsterdam. Using a new reconstruction of the Bank of Amsterdam's balance sheet, we analyze the florin's loss of reserve currency status during the period 1781?92. The reconstruction shows that by 1784, accommodative policies rendered the Bank of Amsterdam "policy insolvent," meaning that its net worth would have been negative under continuation of its policy objectives. Policy insolvency coincided with the Bank of ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2014-17

Discussion Paper
The U.S. Dollar's Global Roles: Where Do Things Stand?

Previous Liberty Street Economics analysis and New York Fed research addressed the potential implications for the United States if the dollar’s global role changed, noting that the currency might not retain its dominance forever. This post checks the status of the dollar, considering whether any erosion in the dollar’s international standing has occurred. The evidence to date is that the dollar remains the world’s dominant currency by broad margins. Alternatives have not gained extensive traction, albeit this does not rule out potential future pressures.
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20190211



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