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Keywords:recursive preferences OR Recursive preferences 

Working Paper
Cash flow and risk premium dynamics in an equilibrium asset-pricing model with recursive preferences

Under linear approximations for asset prices and the assumption of independence between expected consumption growth and time-varying volatility, long-run risks models imply constant market prices of risks and often generate counterfactual results about asset return and cash ?ow predictability. We develop and estimate a nonlinear equilibrium asset pricing model with recursive preferences and a ?exible econometric speci?cation of cash ?ow processes. While in many long-run risks models time-varying volatility in?uences only risk premium but not expected cash ?ows, in our model a common set of ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 15-12

Working Paper
International R&D Spillovers and Asset Prices

We study the international propagation of long-run risk in the context of a general equilibrium model with endogenous growth. Innovation and international diffusion of technologies are the channels at the core of our mechanism. A calibrated version of the model matches several asset pricing and macroeconomic quantity moments, alleviating some of the puzzles highlighted in the international macro-finance literature. Our model predicts that country-pairs that share more R&D have less volatile exchange rates and more correlated stock market returns. Using data from a sample of 19 developed ...
Working Papers , Paper 2015-41


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