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Restoring price stability

Dallas Fed President Lorie Logan delivered this address on Feb. 14, 2023, at Prairie View A&M University.
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Working Paper
Raising the Inflation Target: How Much Extra Room Does It Really Give?

Some, but less than intended. The reason is a shift in the behavior of the private sector: Prices adjust more frequently, lowering the potency of monetary policy. We quantitatively investigate this channel across different models, based on a calibration using micro data. By raising the target from 2 percent to 4 percent, the monetary authority gets only between 0.51 and 1.60 percentage points of effective extra policy room for monetary policy (not 2 percentage points as intended). Getting 2 percentage points of effective extra room requires raising the target to more than 4 percent. Taking ...
Working Papers , Paper 20-16

Creating a Vibrant, Inclusive Economy: Remarks at the Community College of Rhode Island

First, I want to highlight why I wanted to prioritize speaking at a community college like CCRI; and why community colleges, and all of you engaged with them, are so important to our economy and society. Then, I’ll talk briefly about the range of things we do at the Federal Reserve, to advance our mission. And finally, I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned from my own career path, in case my experiences may be helpful to you.

Remarks at the Women’s Leadership Conference with the Vermont Bankers Association

The speech touched on three topics: 1) the economy and monetary policy; 2) the Boston Fed; and 3) thoughts on leadership challenges and opportunities, especially for women.

Inflation, Inflation Expectations, and Monetary Policymaking Strategy

Today, it is probably not surprising that I plan to speak about inflation and the appropriate strategy for monetary policy when there is uncertainty about the path of both inflation and inflation expectations.

Remarks on the Outlook, Monetary Policy, and Supporting a Vibrant Economy

The following topics were covered: 1) financial stability; 2) monetary policy and the macroeconomic outlook; 3) financial infrastructure and payments services; and 4) community economic development and opportunity.

Remarks to the Boston Economic Club: The Economy’s Performance and Outlook, and Implications for Policy

It is important to recognize that the path the economy takes toward the Fed’s mandated goals may continue to be bumpy and uneven, and we should not overreact to individual data points. To President Collins' thinking, that reflects the realities of a unique and challenging pandemic and the economic recovery from it. Expecting all indicators to be well aligned is too high a bar, but seeing sustained, broadening signs of progress should provide the necessary confidence she would need to begin a methodical adjustment to our policy stance.

Inflation: Four Questions Requiring Further Research to Inform Monetary Policy, Closing Remarks, Inflation: Drivers and Dynamics Conference 2023

Let me start by thanking the organizers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the European Central Bank for putting together such a strong program and the ECB for its hospitality. It has been a very productive two days focused on frontier research on inflation. High inflation has been the major challenge facing many central banks over the past two years. Returning the economy to price stability in a sustainable and timely way has driven monetary policy decisions. Maintaining price stability is the responsibility of the central bank and only the central bank can deliver on this goal ...

Peeling the Inflation Onion, Revisited


A Jack of All Trades Is a Master of None

Remarks at the 2022 U.S. Treasury Market Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York City.



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