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Journal Article
Research Symposium on Fair Housing Explores the Past, Present, and Future of the Fair Housing Act

Even though the Fair Housing Act has resulted in significant strides toward ending discriminatory real estate practices since it was enacted 50 years ago, significant challenges related to fair housing and fair lending still exist, requiring further action by researchers, policymakers, and advocates. This theme underpinned the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Center for Urban Research and Education at Rutgers University?Camden?s recent Research Symposium on Fair Housing, which highlighted the past, present, and future of the Fair Housing Act
Cascade , Volume 2

Journal Article
Competitiveness of Ethnic Minority Neighborhoods in Metropolitan Areas in the Seventh District

This article by senior business economist Maude Toussaint-Comeau explores employment change in ethnic minority neighborhoods in the Seventh District in comparison to job growth within their regions before and after the Great Recession. Among the high-level findings is that ethnic neighborhoods in economically growing metro areas tend to have high job growth, underscoring the value of policies that promote economic inclusion
Profitwise , Issue 4 , Pages 4-25

Working Paper
Trends in poverty and inequality among Hispanics

Since the 1970s, the poverty rate has remained largely unchanged among Hispanics but has declined among non-Hispanic whites and blacks, particularly before the onset of the recent recession. The influx of large numbers of immigrants partially explains why poverty rates have not fallen over time among Hispanics> ; In 2009, Hispanics were more than twice as likely to be poor than non-Hispanic whites. Lower average English ability, low levels of educational attainment, part-time employment, the youthfulness of Hispanic household heads, and the 2007?09 recession are important factors that have ...
Working Papers , Paper 1109

Working Paper
Reentering asset poverty after an exit: evidence from the PSID

In order to be successful at improving household's financial self-sufficiency and stability, asset-building policies must be designed to prevent households from falling back into asset poverty once they exit it. This paper uses the Panel Study of Income Dynamics data from 1994 to 2007 to analyze the influence of life events, demographics and financial behaviors on the duration out of asset poverty. We find evidence that suggests there are structural barriers to asset acquisition. Asset accumulation at levels equal to nine months worth of income at the income poverty level or greater is ...
Working Papers , Paper 1204

Gentrification and Changes in the Stock of Low-Cost Rental Housing in Philadelphia, 2000 to 2014

Philadelphia has experienced increased rental housing affordability challenges in recent years, especially in neighborhoods that have undergone gentrification. This report explores one aspect of gentrification?s impact on housing costs by examining its association with changes in Philadelphia?s stock of units that rent for less than $750 per month. Using tract-level U.S. Census Bureau data, this report finds that, between 2000 and 2014, the city lost one out of five units with rents that fell below this cost threshold. These losses were especially acute in gentrifying neighborhoods, as these ...
Cascade Focus

Journal Article
Looking for Progress in America's Smaller Legacy Cities: A Report for Place-based Funders

Place-based funders2 can play an important role in connecting economic growth to economic opportunity. Looking for Progress in America's Smaller Legacy Cities describes a study tour undertaken by representatives from four Federal Reserve Banks and more than two dozen place-based funders, under the auspices of the Funders? Network-Federal Reserve Philanthropy Initiative. What began as an inquiry into four small legacy cities ? Chattanooga, TN; Cedar Rapids, IA; Rochester, NY; and Grand Rapids, MI ? that appeared to have experienced some measure of revitalization in the post Great Recession ...
Profitwise , Issue 3 , Pages 21-28

Journal Article
The Association Between Poverty and Mortality

The world’s population is increasing mostly in poor countries as a result of both reduced mortality and relatively high fertility.
Economic Synopses , Issue 26 , Pages 1-2

Journal Article
Health Care is Community Reinvestment: Examples from the Mental Health Field

This article examines several case studies of mental health clinics and their relationships with financial institutions for CRA purposes.
Profitwise , Issue 1 , Pages 11-15

Journal Article
Spotlight on Research: Innovative Ways to Build Savings and Wealth of Low-Income Families

The recent great recession took its financial toll on many families. Some who lost a portion of their wealth continue to struggle to find a foothold in the economy, while others have managed to regain their lost wealth. Some of the other sources of the financial instability that beset families have been attributed to the challenges associated with being a single-parent family, the volatility and fragility of income shocks, and the shredding of some safety nets. Ray Boshara, director of the Center for Household Financial Stability and assistant vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. ...
Cascade , Volume 4

Africa is on time

We present evidence that the recent African growth renaissance has reached Africa?s poor. Using survey data on African income distributions and national accounts GDP, we estimate income distributions, poverty rates, and inequality indices for African countries for the period 1990-2011. Our findings are as follows. First, African poverty is falling rapidly. Second, the African countries for which good inequality data exist are set to reach the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) poverty reduction target on time. The entire continent except for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will reach ...
Staff Reports , Paper 686



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