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Conference Paper
Community organization and Community Reinvestment Act lending in Washington, D.C.

Proceedings , Paper 795

Conference Paper
How do defaults affect lead arranger reputation and activity in the loan syndication market?

Proceedings , Paper 1099

Conference Paper
Subprime lending: neighborhood patterns over time

Proceedings , Paper 954

Conference Paper
The effect of bank mergers on loan prices: evidence from the U.S.

Proceedings , Paper 994

Flooding and Finances: Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Consumer Credit

This article examines consumers? borrowing behavior and debt levels in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We find that high levels of flooding from Harvey were associated with modest increases in auto loan balances, but moderate decreases in mortgage balances. In general, the storm did not hurt consumers? credit access according to the limited measures we investigate. These results are influenced by a number of factors, including federal disaster assistance, insurance payouts, and creditors permitting temporary postponements in loan payments, with such delays not being reported to credit bureaus.
Chicago Fed Letter

Conference Paper
Loan loss provisioning and economic slowdowns: too much too late?

Only recently the debate on bank capital regulation has devoted specific attention to the role that bank loan loss provisions can play as a part of the overall minimum capital regulatory framework. Several national regulators have adopted or are planning to introduce a cyclically adjustable requirement for loan loss provisions and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is considering how to address provisioning practices within a broad bank capital regulatory framework. This paper contributes to the ongoing debate by exploring the available evidence about bank loan loss provisioning ...
Conference Series ; [Proceedings]

Journal Article
The struggle to establish a vibrant secondary market for community development loans

Securitization of loans and their sale to long-term investors has revolutionized many areas of finance: real estate, autos, consumer credit; but despite many efforts, it has not taken hold in community development financing. The obstacles to creating a secondary market for community development loans are similar to obstacles other markets faced: lack of data, standardization of documents and loan process, and loan volume. Other markets have managed to overcome these obstacles. Yet despite recent advances, such as Community Reinvestment Fund?s recent issuing of rated securities in November ...
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 1 , Pages 17-34

Journal Article
Small business lending and bank competition

This Economic Letter examines what the data say about the relationship between the degree of competition in and total volume of small business lending in local geographic banking markets.
FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
The age of reason: financial decisions over the lifecycle

The sophistication of financial decisions varies with age: middle-aged adults borrow at lower interest rates and pay fewer fees compared to both younger and older adults. We document this pattern in ten financial markets. The measured effects cannot be explained by observed risk characteristics. The sophistication of financial choices peaks around age 53 in our cross-sectional data. Our results are consistent with the hypothesis that financial sophistication rises and then falls with age, although the patterns that we observe represent a mix of age effects and cohort effects.
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-07-05

Journal Article
Loan commitments to business in United States banking history

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 61 , Issue Sep , Pages 15-23



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