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Journal Article
A historical perspective on the 1989-92 slow growth period

This article compares the 1990-91 recession and the surrounding period of unusually sluggish growth with earlier recessionary episodes. Using a variety of indicators, the author assesses the relative severity of the latest recession and identifies features that distinguish this period from its predecessors. He also gauges the economy's recent performance by tracking the deviation of real GDP from various estimates of its potential level.
Quarterly Review , Volume 18 , Issue Sum , Pages 1-14

Output fluctuations in the United States: what has changed since the early 1980s?

In this paper, we document a structural break in the volatility of U.S. GDP growth in the first quarter of 1984 and provide evidence that this break emanates from a reduction in the volatility of durable goods production. Further, the reduction in durables volatility corresponds to a decline in the share of durable goods accounted for by inventories. We find no evidence of increased stability in the nondurables, services or structures sectors of the economy. Our evidence is compatible with a scenario in which changes in inventory management techniques in the durable goods sector have reduced ...
Research Paper , Paper 9735

Why do interest rates predict macro outcomes?: A unified theory of inflation, output, interest and policy

Several articles published in the 1990s have identified empirical relationships between the term structure of real and nominal interest rates, on one hand, and future real output and inflation, on the other. Among these are Mishkin (1990a), Estrella and Hardouvelis (1991), Bernanke and Blinder (1992) and Fuhrer and Moore (1995). These articles demonstrate the existence of empirical predictive relationships, but the underlying economic reasons for the empirical regularities remain at least partly as puzzles. This paper presents a theoretical rational expectations model that shows how monetary ...
Research Paper , Paper 9717

The relationship between the spread and the funds rate

Research Paper , Paper 9408

The road to recovery: Brooklyn

Remarks by President Dudley at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Brooklyn Borough Hall, Brooklyn, New York.
Speech , Paper 58

The economic outlook and the role of monetary policy

Remarks at the Economic Club of New York, New York City.
Speech , Paper 99

Securing the recovery and building for the future

Remarks at United States Military Academy at West Point, West Point, New York.
Speech , Paper 66

The national and regional economic outlook

Remarks at the Long Island Association, Melville, New York.
Speech , Paper 76

Remarks at panel discussion on fiscal challenges

Remarks at Panel Discussion at 2012 U.S. Monetary Policy Forum, New York City.
Speech , Paper 75

Regional economy and manufacturing update

Remarks at the Quarterly Regional Economic Press Briefing, New York City.
Speech , Paper 28



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