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Journal Article
The changing role of gold in the International Monetary System

Special issue on gold
Economic Review , Issue Win , Pages 5-15

Journal Article
Gold--quo vadis?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Trade and U.S. Gold Reserves during the Classical Gold Standard Era

During the period from around 1870 to the outbreak of World War I, changes in a nation’s gold reserves were closely linked to changes in its trade balances.
On the Economy

Trade and Gold Reserves after the Demise of the Classical Gold Standard

After the early 1920s, the relationship between gold reserves and trade flows was tenuous at best as the international payments system experienced heightened uncertainty and significant change.
On the Economy

Journal Article
The Changing Relationship between Trade and America’s Gold Reserves

For much of U.S. history, gold reserves and trade flows were closely linked. That changed with the end of the gold standard.
The Regional Economist , Volume 28 , Issue 1

Journal Article
Dollar flows and international financing

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Journal Article
International flow of gold and dollars, 1951

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Recent gold and capital movements and economic controls in foreign countries

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec

Journal Article
The gold problem today

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Journal Article
International gold and dollar movements

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar


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