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Working Paper
The Canary in the Coal Decline: Appalachian Household Finance and the Transition from Fossil Fuels

The energy transition away from fossil fuels presents significant transition risks for communities historically built around the fossil fuel industry. This paper uses the decline in the Appalachian coal industry between 2011 and 2018 to understand how individuals are harmed by a reduction in local fossil fuel extraction activity. We use individual-level credit data and exogenous variation in coal demand from the electricity sector to identify how the coal mining industry’s decline affected the finances of Appalachian households. We find that the decline in demand for coal caused broad-based ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2023-09

Working Paper
Global Transportation Decarbonization

A number of policy proposals call for replacing fossil fuels in the name of decarbonization, but these fuels will be difficult to replace due to their as-yet unrivaled bundle of attributes: abundance, ubiquity, energy density, transportability and cost. There is a growing commitment to electrification as the dominant decarbonization pathway for transportation. While deep electrification is promising for road vehicles in wealthy countries, it will face steep obstacles. In other sectors and in the developing world, it’s not even in pole position. Global transportation decarbonization will ...
Working Papers , Paper 2309

Price discovery, risk transfer and energy finance

Opening remarks by Sam Schulhofer-Wohl at the “Energy Finance and the Energy Transition” conference, organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and University of Houston.
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