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Texas electrical grid remains vulnerable to extreme weather events

New regulations, weatherization standards and operational changes have addressed many shortcomings, but some critical gaps persist.
Dallas Fed Economics

Record-breaking Texas summer heat tests the grid, ERCOT operations

Texas just witnessed its second-hottest summer ever and its highest electricity demand without experiencing interruption to electricity delivery.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Recent Innovations in Reducing Home Energy Costs and Improving Resilience for Low- and Moderate-Income Renters and Homeowners

Community Development (CD) practitioners across the western U.S. are engaging in new efforts to reduce energy costs and improve resilience for low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities and other populations that face barriers to economic participation and household financial stability. Energy costs and resilience are factors in housing stability, which impacts economic participation. New federal and state funding sources, as well as growing involvement from philanthropy and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)-motivated investors, have prompted growth in energy cost savings and resilience (ECSR) ...
Community Development Research Brief , Volume 2023 , Issue 04 , Pages 41

Central Bankers Need to Take Note of Transition to Clean Energy

The path from traditional energy sources to alternative sources with lower greenhouse gas emissions—including renewable energy, and carbon capture and storage—is long and paved with abundant uncertainty.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Navigating Energy Booms and Busts

Cover Story on: Navigating Energy Booms and Busts: The fracking revolution has created new job opportunities, but are workers prepared for the fluctuations of the energy economy?
Econ Focus , Issue 4Q , Pages 10-13

Journal Article
Texas to get new type of refinery: a lithium refinery

Tesla is developing the facility near Corpus Christi to produce battery-grade lithium hydroxide, a lithium chemical used in the high-performance lithium-ion batteries that companies such as Tesla prefer.
Southwest Economy

Trade diversion has helped ease the impact of the embargo on Russian oil

Much has been made about the effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the price of oil. However, the price of oil was already drifting upward well before the invasion in late February 2022.
Dallas Fed Economics

Russian ruble buckles under trade sanctions, declining export earnings

Russia’s currency is losing value, falling 40 percent against the U.S. dollar since December 2022. With measures targeting Russian exports likely to persist, the country’s balance of payments will remain under pressure, leading to continuing currency weakness.
Dallas Fed Economics

Residential solar power shines on, backed by securitized lending

Residential solar is a small and rapidly expanding sector, and the securitization market—the packaging of loans to investors—has been one of the most popular sources of funding for new solar installations.
Dallas Fed Economics

Working Paper
The Role of Technology and Energy Substitution in Climate Change Mitigation

Mitigating climate change is critically linked to reducing an economy’s reliance on fossil energy. This paper examines U.S. energy dependence, measured by its factor share, using a neoclassical framework in a systematic way. We propose substitution as a simple, explicit economic mechanism for climate change mitigation and understanding energy-saving technical change in terms of observed factor quantities. We show that with time-varying capital equipment and energy substitutability, changes in observed inputs alone can account for most of the variations in the income share of energy over the ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 23-15


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