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Journal Article
Philadelphia Fed Economics Research Conference Highlights the Case for Inclusive Economic Growth

Leadership on inclusive economic growth must be deliberate to achieve the goal of bringing economic benefits to everyone. That was the key takeaway of the closing session at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?s recent Policy Forum
Cascade , Volume 1

Fulfilling our economic potential: remarks at the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development 2019 Annual Conference, New York City

Remarks at the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development 2019 Annual Conference, New York City.
Speech , Paper 316

Journal Article
The Role of Transportation in Fostering Economic Mobility in Northeastern Pennsylvania

The Scranton Area Community Foundation (SACF), founded 63 years ago to promote change and growth in northeastern Pennsylvania, embarked on a series of community discussions more than a year ago to elicit information about the region?s opportunities for economic growth
Cascade , Volume 3

Working Paper
Temperature and Growth: A Panel Analysis of the United States

We document that seasonal temperatures have significant and systematic effects on the U.S. economy, both at the aggregate level and across a wide cross-section of economic sectors. This effect is particularly strong for the summer: a 1 degree F increase in the average summer temperature is associated with a reduction in the annual growth rate of state-level output of 0.15 to 0.25 percentage points. We combine our estimates with projected increases in seasonal temperatures and find that rising temperatures could reduce U.S. economic growth by up to one-third over the next century.
Working Paper , Paper 18-9

Journal Article
Finding a Soft Landing along the Beveridge Curve

As U.S. economic growth slows this year, a key question is whether job openings can fall from historical highs without a substantial rise in unemployment. Analyzing the current Beveridge curve relationship between unemployment and job openings presents a meaningful possibility that labor market pressures can ease and achieve a “soft landing” with only a limited increase in unemployment. This view is supported by high rates of job matching in the U.S. labor market in 2022, despite ongoing employment reallocation across industries.
Economic Review , Volume 2022 , Issue 24 , Pages 6

V-Shaped Recovery Eludes G-7 Countries

Economic growth should overshoot its long-run trend to make up for the downturn caused by the pandemic. So far, this hasn’t happened.
On the Economy

Journal Article
Measuring the Quality, Not Quantity, of Job Creation

Job creation has long been seen as a worthy goal that supports economic growth while providing opportunities for the local workforce. Increasingly, however, stakeholders are beginning to ask whether success should be measured purely by the quantity of jobs created without regard for the quality of those jobs. This article explores various efforts that are underway to encourage the creation, dissemination, and integration of job quality standards into investment, philanthropic, and economic development efforts aimed at job creation.
Cascade , Volume 1

Journal Article
Are Higher Capital Requirements Worth It?

Curbs on bank leverage are intended to prevent bailouts but can slow economic growth. The challenge is to obtain precise estimates of the impact so policymakers can weigh the tradeoff.
Economic Insights , Volume 3 , Issue 2 , Pages 1-8

Journal Article
Features: Virginia's Data Centers and Economic Development

Data centers are essential to cloud computing and its ability to give users remote access to data, applications, and computing power over the internet. Yet they typically possess few of the ethereal qualities evoked by the term "cloud." With high concentrations in Northern Virginia's Fairfax and Loudoun counties, data centers are often housed in nondescript buildings whose stark forms resemble massive rectangular cubes. The buildings' interiors are packed with rows and rows of computer servers, vast quantities of cables and switches, and the considerable electrical power and HVAC hardware ...
Econ Focus , Volume 23 , Issue 2Q , Pages 14-17

The national and regional economy

Remarks at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York
Speech , Paper 132


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