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Journal Article
The Role of Transportation in Fostering Economic Mobility in Northeastern Pennsylvania

The Scranton Area Community Foundation (SACF), founded 63 years ago to promote change and growth in northeastern Pennsylvania, embarked on a series of community discussions more than a year ago to elicit information about the region?s opportunities for economic growth
Cascade , Volume 3

The economic outlook and implications for monetary policy

Remarks before the New York Association for Business Economics, New York City.
Speech , Paper 136

Working Paper
Education Policies and Structural Transformation

This article studies the impact of education and fertility in structural transformation and growth. In the model there are three sectors, agriculture, which uses only low-skill labor, manufacturing, that uses high-skill labor only and services, that uses both. Parents choose optimally the number of children and their skill. Educational policy has two dimensions, it may or may not allow child labor and it subsidizes education expenditures. The model is calibrated to South Korea and Brazil, and is able to reproduce some key stylized facts observed between 1960 and 2005 in these economies, such ...
Working Papers , Paper 2014-39

Monetary Policy and the Economic Outlook

Remarks at Euromoney Real Return XIII: The Inflation-Linked Products Conference 2019, New York City.
Speech , Paper 328

Journal Article
Industry clusters and economic development in the Seventh District’s largest cities

In works such as Glaeser (2011) and Porter (1995), prominent economists have suggested that metropolitan areas are the key to economic growth. In this article, we examine the economic development strategies and performance of the largest metropolitan areas in the five states of the Seventh Federal Reserve District? Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The cities, from smallest to largest by metro population, are: Des Moines, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Chicago. Theory suggests that cities that promote industry agglomeration (clusters) should be best positioned for ...
Economic Perspectives , Issue Q II , Pages 52-66

Update on economic and fiscal conditions in Puerto Rico

Remarks to the Association of Certified Public Accountants of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Speech , Paper 138

The U.S. economic outlook and implications for monetary policy

Remarks at the People?s Bank of China-Federal Reserve Bank of New York Joint Symposium, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
Speech , Paper 194

The ‘new normal’ for growth: remarks at the Community Bankers Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York City

Remarks at the Community Bankers Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York City.
Speech , Paper 315

Journal Article
Philadelphia Fed Economics Research Conference Highlights the Case for Inclusive Economic Growth

Leadership on inclusive economic growth must be deliberate to achieve the goal of bringing economic benefits to everyone. That was the key takeaway of the closing session at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?s recent Policy Forum
Cascade , Volume 1

Journal Article
The New Stone Soup

Countries around the globe face slow growth, low real interest rates, and persistently low inflation. This makes economies less resilient and less able to offset everyday shocks with traditional tools. Policymakers must actively look for outside perspectives and be courageous enough to take action in times of uncertainty. The following is adapted from a speech by the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco delivered as part of the Iveagh House Lectures at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin on February 10.
FRBSF Economic Letter , Volume 2020 , Issue 04 , Pages 07


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