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New St. Louis Fed Publication Offers Insights on Economic Equity

The St. Louis Fed’s Institute for Economic Equity launches Economic Equity Insights to bring relevant academic research to Main Street.
On the Economy

Setting the Stage for Economic Equity in 2022

COVID-19 reshaped the U.S. economy. What are some ways to improve the economic security and resiliency of vulnerable workers this year?
On the Economy

Racial Equity Could Produce Widespread Economic Gains

An analysis suggests that racial and ethnic equity in employment, hours worked, education and earnings could expand U.S. GDP by trillions of dollars.
Economic Equity Insights

Journal Article
Equity and Philanthropy: The Flow of Capital in St. Louis

Understanding the experience of Black-led nonprofits in St. Louis may be the key to more equitable community development funding.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (2)

Journal Article
Coordinated Funding Strategies for Equitable Development

Learn how the Delta Philanthropy Forum and St. Louis Community Development Funders Forum support their regions’ ability to deploy capital for equitable economic growth.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (3)

Journal Article
Initial Reflections from the Institute for Economic Equity Director’s First Listening Tour

The St. Louis Fed’s Institute for Economic Equity hears stakeholder concerns about labor, child care and housing during director’s listening tour.
Bridges , Volume 2022 (3)

Journal Article
Investing in a Region of Opportunity: The Delta Philanthropy Forum

Two directors within the St. Louis Fed’s Community Development team share insights on how Eighth District stakeholders are working to advance a resilient and racially equitable Delta region.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (4)

Journal Article
Building an Equitable Workforce in the St. Louis Region

As the local economy continues its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to establish a workforce that benefits all.
Bridges , Volume 2021 (3)

The New Challenges to Economic Equity in 2023

For many workers, the benefits of the strong U.S. labor market weren’t felt equally last year. Recent headwinds may create new challenges for vulnerable workers in 2023.
On the Economy

How Equitable Wealth Outcomes Could Create a Resilient and Larger Economy

The second post in the four-part blog series, “The State of Economic Equity,” looks at the connection between wealth equity and economic innovation.
On the Economy