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Restoring Balance

Remarks at New Jersey City University (delivered via videoconference).

Remarks at the 22nd Annual Regional and Community Banker’s Conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President & CEO Susan M. Collins participated in the Bank’s 22nd Annual Regional & Community Bankers Conference. In her remarks, President Collins says inflation is still taking a toll across New England, but the Fed sees evidence that inflation is moderating. The impacts of the pandemic remain unusual, and that means a high degree of uncertainty will be an inescapable part of the near-term policymaking environment, necessitating patience. She also says the region’s banking industry plays an essential role, serving communities and providing households and ...

Reflections on Phasing Policy Amidst (Pandemic) Uncertainty: the 2023 Goldman Lecture in Economics at Wellesley College

In her remarks, President Collins focuses on economic policymaking under uncertainty. She discusses the making of monetary policy in the current cycle, where the recent pandemic and its aftermath figure so prominently and create particular uncertainty. President Collins also offers some takeaways to students about learning and careers.

Perspectives on the Economy: Remarks at the Annual Convention of the Maine Bankers Association

Susan Collins shared her views about the economic outlook and monetary policy. Then she provided a few perspectives on banking in New England and in particular Maine – highlighting the importance of banks of all sizes to a vibrant, inclusive economy. She ended with a few points about the Fed’s work across the region, and the shared opportunities to collaborate in the public interest.

Journal Article
GDP Decline, Inflation Heighten Uncertainty in U.S. Economic Outlook

The U.S. GDP outlook weakened in the first quarter of 2022 amid higher inflation, but demand remained solid for goods, services and labor.
The Regional Economist

Discussion Paper
What's Behind Firms' Reported Improvements in Meeting Demand?

According to special question results from our most recent monthly business survey, Fifth District firms reported improvement in their ability to meet customer demand compared to earlier in the year. Moreover, the majority of respondents said they expect to fully meet customer demand in the next 12 months. Although firms have continued to take action to boost production, softening demand itself may be another reason for the reported improvements.
Regional Matters

Working Paper
Supply or Demand? Policy Makers' Confusion in the Presence of Hysteresis

Policy makers need to separate between temporary demand-driven shocks and permanent shocks in order to design optimal aggregate demand policies. In this paper we study the case of a central bank that ignores the presence of hysteresis when identifying shocks. By assuming that all low frequency output fluctuations are driven by permanent technology shocks, monetary policy is not aggressive enough in response to demand shocks. In addition, we show that errors in assessing the state of the economy can be self-perpetuating if seen through the lens of the mistaken views of the policymaker. We show ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2023-21

Perspectives on the Economy and Policymaking

Susan Collins reviews a wide range of information to assess the evolving economy. She looks for patterns and trends showing sustained reductions in inflation, and progress on the underlying goal of bringing demand and supply back into better balance. She notes that price stability is essential for a well-functioning economy and an important precondition for maximum employment that is sustainable over time.

Price Stability: The Foundation for a Strong Economy

Remarks at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

Discussion Paper
The Class of 2015 Might Have a Little Better Luck Finding a Good Job

With the college graduation season well under way, a new crop of freshly minted graduates is entering the job market and many bright young minds are hoping to land a good first job. It?'s no wonder if they are approaching the job hunt with some trepidation. For a number of years now, recent college graduates have been struggling to find good jobs. However, the labor market for college graduates is improving. After declining for nearly two years, openings for jobs requiring a college degree have picked up since last summer. Not only has this increase in the demand for educated workers ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20150515



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