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Journal Article
Investing to Create Good Jobs

A growing number of foundation, nonprofit, and for-profit investors are making investments for measurable social and environmental impact as well as financial return. The ?impact investing? field includes a few investors that are investing in businesses specifically to create jobs for unemployed and underemployed residents. These investors also provide ongoing assistance to owners of the businesses to create ?good quality jobs,? which generally provide income above the minimum wage, health benefits, and training and opportunities for workers to move into positions with higher wages. Three ...
Cascade , Volume 4

Journal Article
Transportation Is a Necessary Component of Housing Equity

Those working in redevelopment have undoubtedly heard about transit-oriented development (TOD). In TOD, transit lines are the backbone of individual projects or entire centers built around a station area. TOD can reduce automobile dependency and make a community more amenable to walking and biking. More recently, equitable TOD (ETOD) has been advocated in response to the gentrification pressures that modern TODs often introduce, displacing the very people most reliant on transit out of the station area. Transportation equity is a relatively new concept to the affordable housing community. The ...
Cascade , Volume 3

Journal Article
The Reinvestment Fund at 30: Insights and New Directions

Thirty years ago, a small group of community developers, activists, and business people formed a community loan fund in Philadelphia called the Delaware Valley Community Reinvestment Fund. In 1999, the organization was renamed The Reinvestment Fund (TRF). TRF is certified as a community development financial institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Department of the Treasury?s CDFI Fund. Since 1985, TRF has made $1.5 billion in loans and investments and has financed housing, community facilities, supermarkets, commercial real estate, and energy-efficiency projects. The CDFI has been a leader in ...
Cascade , Volume 4

Journal Article
Participatory Budgeting: Enhancing Community Reinvestment through Public Engagement

Community engagement is not an easy task. This is especially true in communities with historically underrepresented and underserved populations who do not feel connected to the planning process. However, some municipalities across the country are finding success through the use of participatory budgeting.
Profitwise , Issue 3 , Pages 25-28

Journal Article
Mt. Airy: A Legacy of Intentional Integration

Mt. Airy, a Philadelphia community nationally recognized for its community building and organizing efforts to create and maintain racial integration, was the subject of a tour offered as part of the Reinventing Our Communities conference in Philadelphia in September. This article summarizes some key features of these intentional integration efforts in Mt. Airy and contains current perspectives from two residents
Cascade , Volume 4

Journal Article
Tracking Philanthropic Support for Community and Economic Development: New Research from Two Federal Reserve Banks

How many grants do large foundations direct towards community and economic development (CED) activities? What kinds of activities are supported with these funds? Which metro areas receive the most philanthropic support and which receive the least?1 And why do some metro areas receive more than others? These are the questions that researchers at the community development departments of the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and Atlanta answer in newly completed research.
Cascade , Volume 4

Working Cities Challenge: remarks at the MetroHartford Alliance breakfast event \"Working Cities, Thriving Communities: How Cross-Sector Collaboration Helps Our Communities Thrive\", Hartford, Connecticut, August 8, 2018

Eric Rosengren presented an overview of the Working Cities Challenge covering, among other topics, the initiatives taking place in Connecticut.
Speech , Paper 134

Journal Article
The Role of Transportation in Fostering Economic Mobility in Northeastern Pennsylvania

The Scranton Area Community Foundation (SACF), founded 63 years ago to promote change and growth in northeastern Pennsylvania, embarked on a series of community discussions more than a year ago to elicit information about the region?s opportunities for economic growth
Cascade , Volume 3

Journal Article
Equitable Transportation Tools and Publications

The following tools enable users to understand and analyze transportation trends and issues, with an emphasis on equity. The publications provide resources and strategies used in the equitable transportation field. All of these resources have been selected for their broad geographic scope or applicability
Cascade , Volume 3

Journal Article
Capital for Communities: Regulatory Changes Support Impact Investing

Several recent regulatory changes have made it possible for new players to become involved in ?impact investing.? From regulatory changes at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that allow retirement funds to invest for environmental and social impact to an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announcement on private foundation investments to changes at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that allow small businesses to solicit funding in new ways, recent developments are opening up new potential sources of capital for community and economic development.
Cascade , Volume 4



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