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Farmland values and credit conditions

Agricultural Letter , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Agricultural Cycles and Implications for the Near Term: Agricultural Symposium 2019

While several indicators suggest that a repeat of the 1980s farm crisis is unlikely, the length of the current agricultural downturn may take a toll.
Economic Review , Issue Special Issue 2019 , Pages 5-25

Journal Article
Agricultural biotechnology: dividends and drawbacks

Economic Review , Volume 76 , Issue May , Pages 43-55

Journal Article
Factors behind rising food costs

Economic Review , Volume 60 , Issue Sep , Pages 19-23

Journal Article
A fair price for whom?

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue Mar , Pages 4-6

Journal Article
A borderless perspective

Fedgazette , Volume 12 , Issue Jan , Pages 6-7

Journal Article
Aquaculture helping to meet the growing demand for seafood

Cross Sections , Issue Sum , Pages 8-9

Working Paper
Political allocation of U.S. agriculture disaster payments in the 1990s

Legislation passed during the 1990s attempted to move U.S. agriculture disaster relief to a more market oriented process. The failure of this legislation has been attributed to the political system behind agricultural disaster relief. This paper explores the impact of political influence on the allocation of U.S. direct agriculture disaster payments. The results reveal that disaster payments are not based solely on need, but are higher in those states represented by public officials key to the allocation of relief. The effectiveness of legislation aimed at promoting more efficient disaster ...
Working Papers , Paper 2003-005

Journal Article
The farm sector in the 1980s: sudden collapse or steady downturn?

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 17-25

Conference Paper
The challenge of building market demand

Proceedings – Rural and Agricultural Conferences



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