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Keywords:Women - Employment 

Conference Paper
Women as members of work organizations

Work organizations vary in the challenges and opportunities they provide for female and minority employees. This variation along with basic research has made it possible for social scientists to increasingly understand what kinds of employment practices are good and bad for equal opportunity at work.
Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Women's wages

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Women's labor market involvement and family income mobility when marriages end

The last 30 years have seen a dramatic change in women's social and economic status in the United States, particularly in their labor market activity. When women were less involved and less successful in the labor market, many of them gained access to market income only or primarily through marriage or cohabitation with a working man. As a result, women and children were especially vulnerable to the death of a partner, separation, or divorce. ; In this article, the authors examine three decades of data on the relationship between women's labor market activity and the income mobility of ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Q 4 , Pages 41-74

Discussion Paper
Wives' work and family income mobility

Over the past 30 years, married women in the United States have significantly increased their labor market activity and become an integral factor in their families? ongoing economic wellbeing. This change raises questions about the economic impact of two-earner families becoming the norm. Do American families now need both a working husband and a working wife to have any hope of getting ahead or to keep from falling behind? How much does a wife?s labor market activity (participation, hours, and earnings) matter in her family?s ability to make income gains, hold its place relative to other ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 04-3

Journal Article
From the valley to the summit: a brief history of the quiet revolution that transformed women's work

We can have a meaningful discussion today about "women at the top" only because of a quiet revolution that took place 30 years ago.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 5-12

Journal Article
Choices and changes: critical moments in careers and families

At critical moments in their careers, men and women make different choicesand those choices have consequences for the heights they ultimately attain.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Milestones in working women's legal history

The list starts with the right to vote in 1920 and continues up through the court settlements of 2004.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 43

Journal Article
Women's contribution to productivity

Women's work on the job and at home has been key to increasing productivity growth.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 44-48

Journal Article
Spinning the top: gender, competition, and the long-run optimum

Although existing organizational and cultural practices have the benefit of creating incentives to increase output, they may also create perverse incentives that have negative economic effects outside the relatively easily measured world of market outcomes.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1

Journal Article
Comments on spinning the top: considering the impact of women's paid and unpaid work

We should acknowledge that discrimination still exists and that womens work lives have been considerably improved by their ability to legally challenge discriminatory practices.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1


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