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Keywords:Women - Education 

Journal Article
Inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold: girls organizations change with the times

While Girls Incorporated and other organizations have evolved with the changing times, many of the old problems remain.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 12-13

Journal Article
Encouraging women in engineering, math, and science

Mr. Miaoulis has spent a significant part of his career trying to increase the number of women studying engineering, science, and math.
Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 14-15

Journal Article
The growing difference in college attainment between women and men

Workers with more education typically earn more than those with less education, and the difference has been growing in recent decades. Not surprisingly, the percentage of the population going after and getting a college degree has been rising as well. Since the late 1970s, though, the increase in college attainment has stalled for men and gathered steam for women. Among college-age individuals, more women now graduate than men. Changes in labor market incentives appear to explain the increased investment in education made by women. But men?s investments in education have been much less ...
Economic Commentary , Issue Oct

Working Paper
Women's emancipation through education: a macroeconomic analysis

In this paper, we study the role of education as insurance against a bad marriage. Historically, due to disparities in earning power and education across genders, married women often found themselves in an economically vulnerable position, and had to suffer one of two fates in a bad marriage: either they get divorced (assuming it is available) and struggle as low-income single mothers, or they remain trapped in the marriage. In both cases, education can provide a route to emancipation for women. To investigate this idea, we build and estimate an equilibrium search model with education, ...
Working Papers , Paper 704

Gender discrimination and social identity: experimental evidence from urban Pakistan

Gender discrimination in South Asia is a well-documented fact. However, gender is only one of an individual?s many identities. This paper investigates how gender discrimination depends on the social identities of interacting parties. We use an experimental approach to identify gender discrimination by randomly matching 2,836 male and female students pursuing bachelor?s-equivalent degrees in three different types of institutions?Madrassas (religious seminaries), Islamic universities, and liberal universities?that represent distinct identities within the Pakistani society. Our main finding is ...
Staff Reports , Paper 593



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