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Journal Article
Real output and unit labor costs as predictors of inflation

Granger-causality tests used here find that: [1] unit labor costs add no predictive power to inflation forecasts; and [2] the gap between actual and potential output does help predict inflation, but only in the short run.
Economic Review , Volume 76 , Issue Jul , Pages 31-39

Journal Article
Equalizing regional differences in wages : a study of wages and migration in the South and other regions

Is the South rebelling againthis time against one of the tenets of economic theory? Neoclassical economic theory predicts that wage differentials between regions will disappear with time as workers move from low-wage areas to high-wage areas. However, in the seventies people tended to migrate southward, even though the South is usually thought to be a low-wage region. In his essay. Equalizing Regional Differences in Wages: A Study of Wages and Migration in the South and Other Regions, William E. Cullison offers a simple resolution to this paradox. By adjusting for the cost of living and by ...
Economic Review , Volume 70 , Issue May , Pages 20-33

Journal Article
Jargon alert: Sticky wages

Econ Focus , Volume 17 , Issue 1Q , Pages 10

Journal Article
Baltimore boosts pay for some workers : living wage laws

Econ Focus , Volume 7 , Issue Spr , Pages 8

Journal Article
Policy update : Federal minimum wage increased

Econ Focus , Volume 11 , Issue Sum , Pages 10

Journal Article
Above the minimum : living-wage statutes are designed to help low-income workers in Baltimore and other Fifth District communities, but do they get the job done?

Econ Focus , Volume 8 , Issue Fall , Pages 26-29

Journal Article
Under the influence : the economic consequences of substance abuse and addiction, and how treatment programs tackle them

Econ Focus , Volume 7 , Issue Fall , Pages 27-30

Journal Article
Unhealthy situation : nursing shortage threatens health care

Econ Focus , Volume 7 , Issue Fall , Pages 9

Journal Article
Jargon alert : Principal-agent problem

Econ Focus , Volume 12 , Issue Fall , Pages 6

Journal Article
Economic history : Labor pains : the long and often violent struggle for unionization in West Virginia's coalfields

Econ Focus , Volume 8 , Issue Fall , Pages 35-37



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