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Conference Paper
Strategies for growth : general discussion

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
The maquiladora industry in historical perspective: part 1

Business Frontier

Journal Article
The nature and significance of intra-industry trade

In this article, Roy Ruffin gives an overview of intra-industry trade for the generalist. Intra-industry trade represents international trade within industries rather than between industries. Such trade is more beneficial than inter-industry trade because it stimulates innovation and exploits economies of scale. Moreover, since productive factors do not switch from one industry to another, but only within industries, intra-industry trade is less disruptive than inter-industry trade.
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q IV , Pages 2-9

Journal Article
Earnings announcements, private information, and liquidity

In this article, the author examines how the price impact of a trade varies throughout the days surrounding public earnings announcements. The results indicate that public news releases correlate with a reduction in the price impact of a trade on the day of the announcement
Economic Perspectives , Volume 30 , Issue Q I , Pages 39-54

Journal Article
Globalization and public policy: a conversation with W. Michael Cox

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
U.S., Mexico deepen economic ties

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 11-13, 16

Working Paper
What determines bilateral trade flows?

This paper undertakes an exhaustive search for robust determinants of international trade, where "robustness" is tested using three popular empirical methods. The paper is frankly atheoretical: our goal is solely to establish statistically robust relationships. Along the way, however, we relate our results to the empirical results obtained by prior researchers and to the received theory of international trade. We find that robust variables include a measure of the scale of factor endowments; fixed exchange rates; the level of development; and current account restrictions. Variables that are ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-05-11

Working Paper
U.S. trade and inventory dynamics

The authors examine the source of the large fall and rebound in U.S. trade in the recent recession. While trade fell and rebounded more than expenditures or production of traded goods, they find that relative to the magnitude of the downturn, these trade fluctuations were in line with those in previous business cycle fluctuations. The authors argue that the high volatility of trade is attributed to more severe inventory management considerations of firms involved in international trade. They present empirical evidence for autos as well as at the aggregate level that the adjustment of ...
Working Papers , Paper 11-6

Journal Article
Uncle Sam wants you to export

Fedgazette , Volume 15 , Issue May , Pages 7-8

Working Paper
The international dimension of productivity and demand shocks in the U.S. economy

Identifying productivity and real demand shocks in the US with sign restrictions based on standard theory, we provide evidence on real and financial channels of their international propagation. Productivity gains in US manufacturing have substantial macroeconomic effects, raising US consumption, investment and the terms of trade, relative to the rest of the world, while lowering US net exports. Significant international financial adjustment occurs via a rise in the global value of the US stock market, portfolio shifts in US foreign assets and liabilities, and especially real dollar ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2009-09



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