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The benefits of free trade


Journal Article
New England banks and the Texas experience

New England banks are currently suffering from problems similar to those that caused the demise of many Texas banks. In both cases, a boom in the real-estate sector was followed by a sharp contraction caused by weakness in the leading sectors of the economy. In both cases, banks had greatly expanded their real-estate lending, and the declining real-estate prices produced substantial loan losses. ; This study suggests, however, that these similarities do not imply that New England will go on to repeat the Texas experience. The author finds that New England does not suffer from construction ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Sep , Pages 55-62

Journal Article
The Texas industrial production index

The Texas Industrial Production Index (TIPI) measures the output of the manufacturing, mining, and utility sectors of the Texas economy. These sectors are of special interest because of their sensitivity to business cycles and because of the size (albeit declining) of the Texas mining sector. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has published TIPI since 1958. Revisions are implemented when new data sources are available, when existing data are revised, or when methodological improvements are devised. The most recent major TIPI revision came in the fall of 1988. ; Berger and Long examine TIPI's ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Nov , Pages 21-38

Journal Article
Forecasting the Texas economy: applications and evaluation of a systematic multivariate time series model

Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Jan , Pages 11-28

Working Paper
Bank credit and economic activity: evidence from the Texas banking decline

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 91-5

Journal Article
Community Health Centers: successes and challenges

Community health centers (CHCs) played an important role during the recent economic recession as the demand for their services grew significantly. Recently, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas interviewed Jose E. Camacho, executive director/general counsel at the Texas Association of Community Health Centers, to learn more about the challenges his constituents now face.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 2 , Pages 11

Journal Article
Will office real estate in Texas ever recover?

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 6-8

Journal Article
Regional update

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 11

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, June 22, 1990 (condition of Texas banks and their ability to meet the existing and potential credit demands)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug , Pages 632-637

Working Paper
Tax policy and Texas economic development

Working Papers , Paper 8806


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