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Journal Article
Cloud over commercial real estate is slowly lifting in Texas

Every segment of the Texas commercial property sector suffered during the recession of 2009. Demand withered for space in offices, warehouses and retail centers, pushing up vacancy rates and lowering rental rates. Private nonresidential construction dropped sharply, reaching near-record lows. The global financial crisis temporarily brought lending to a halt. Commercial-mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) lending dried up in Texas and the U.S. as it became clear that repackaging suspect loans didn't lower risk. Banks also became wary of adding CRE loans to their books, especially in Texas, where ...
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 10-13, 16

Journal Article
The Texas economy: an overview of '96 and outlook for '97

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
The interest rate sensitivity of Texas industry

A key factor in forecasting a region's growth is anticipating how a region will respond to changes in national policy. One important way national policy affects a region is through real interest rates. Forecasting regional growth, therefore, requires good estimates of the interest rate sensitivity of regional industries. In this study, Lori Taylor and Mine Yucel use vector autoregression analysis to examine the relationship between changes in real short-term interest rates and changes in Texas industry employment. They find that while a few industries are moderately sensitive to interest rate ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q II , Pages 27-33

Journal Article
Regional update

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 15

Journal Article
Subprime mortgage performance by metro area

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington and Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown lead the state with the most securitized, owner-occupied subprime mortgages. These two metros also have a much larger number of problematic loans compared with other Texas metros.
e-Perspectives , Issue 2

Journal Article
Regional update

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 11

Journal Article
Forecasting the Texas economy: applications and evaluation of a systematic multivariate time series model

Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Jan , Pages 11-28

Journal Article
Regional update

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 7

Journal Article
Regional update

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 8

Working Paper
Bank credit and economic activity: evidence from the Texas banking decline

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 91-5


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