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Digits and widgets (with reference to a wise mother, the Golden Book Encyclopedia, Winston Churchill and Hunter Lawrence)

"In the world of "superfine processes" of the Knowledge Age, digits are the new widgets. The brain is to the Knowledge Age and the mastery of digits what the engine was to the Manufacturing Age and the management of widgets. Education is the steam and the oil and the gas that propel that engine. The speed at which we move our economy forward from this point onward will depend on how well we educate our children." ; Remarks before the Austin Chamber of Commerce's 4th Annual State of Education in Austin Conference; Austin, Texas; December 8, 2009.
Speeches and Essays , Paper 2

Texas electrical grid remains vulnerable to extreme weather events

New regulations, weatherization standards and operational changes have addressed many shortcomings, but some critical gaps persist.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas modestly grows with soft landing likely

Texas firms reported below-average output growth to start 2023, while employment and wage gains remained elevated despite indications of a softening labor market.
Dallas Fed Economics

Working Paper
Risk and failure among newly established Texas banks

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 90-6

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, June 22, 1990 (condition of Texas banks and their ability to meet the existing and potential credit demands)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug , Pages 632-637

Journal Article
Oil and gas rises again in a diversified Texas

The oil and gas industry has been a driver of the Texas economy for the past 40 years. Its contribution declined with the oil-led recession of 1986 and appeared to slip further in the 1990s as the high-tech industry boomed. But oil and natural gas prices have risen since 1999, reaching record highs in 2008. This resurgence has boosted energy activity and factored into the recent economic recovery in Texas, affirming the industry?s long-held prominence in the state. ; An econometric model developed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas documents the state?s evolving energy fortunes since the ...
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 10-13

Higher education in Texas

Remarks to the Rotary Club of Dallas, Dallas, Texas, June 13, 2007. ; "Economists may quibble about widgets and whatnot, but they are united on this: Education pays off. There's an irrefutable positive link between education and income. We see it across countries, between individuals, in America's progress over time and when comparing states."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 42

Journal Article
Measures adopted December 5, 1994 to help ease financial stress in areas affected by flooding in Texas

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb , Pages 113

Working Paper
Commercial banks and real estate lending: the Texas experience

This study analyzes the performance of Texas commercial banks specializing in mortgage lending during the late 1980s and early 1990s to investigate how representative was their experience as compared with that of banks across the country concentrating in real estate lending. The results show that Texas real estate banks (REBs) performed very poorly during the 1980s and early 1990s, but this was because the Texas REBs were clearly different from the majority of the banks classified as REBs in the rest of the country. Texas REBs invested more heavily in commercial mortgages than did other ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 96-15

Working Paper
Empirically assessing the role of moral hazard in increasing the risk exposure of Texas banks

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 90-4


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