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Journal Article
Technology and growth: an overview

During the 1990s, the Federal Reserve has pursued its twin goals of price stability and steady employment with considerable success. But despite--or perhaps because of--this success, concerns about the pace of economic and productivity growth have attracted renewed attention. Many observers ruefully note that the average pace of GDP growth has remained below rates achieved in the 1960s and that a period of rapid investment in computers and other capital equipment has had disappointingly little impact on the productivity numbers. Most of the industrial world has experienced a similar decline ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 3-25

Journal Article
Technology: driving specialization or enabling diversification (or both)?

Economic Policy Review , Issue Oct , Pages 67-72

Conference Paper
Technology and growth: conference proceedings

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 40 , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Speeding up the broadband wagon

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
The new paradigm in Europe: is Goldilocks going global?

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 1-6

Working Paper
What happens when the technology growth trend changes?: transition dynamics, capital growth and the \"new economy\"

The rapid increase in U.S. economic growth during the late 1990s inspired speculation that an acceleration in the rate of technological progress had given rise to an increase in potential output growth. This paper considers the transition dynamics associated with such a change using a general equilibrium framework that incorporates stochastic growth trends. The model suggests that transition dynamics associated with a shift in the technological growth trend can have important implications for macroeconomic growth patterns, particularly when technological change is investment-specific. ...
Working Papers , Paper 2001-020

Innovation, growth, and economic policy in an environment of change

In this report, we explore innovation as the engine of economic prosperity and argue that the greatest strength we possess is our ability to induce and embrace change, from the integration of new technologies to new peoples and cultures. Indeed, if we hope to remain an ongoing, vital player in the global economy, flexibility is likely to be our most valuable asset.
Annual Report

Journal Article
From crude oil to computer chips: how technology is changing the Texas economy

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 1-5

Conference Paper
Technology, regulation and the financial services industry in the year 2000

Proceedings , Paper 216

Journal Article
How New York State's agriculture industry is staying competitive

We examine some of the challenges facing New York's agriculture industry and outline some innovative responses. We distinguish between two types of agriculture: commodities and value-added consumer foods. We show that commodities are a small fraction of the agriculture industry in New York State and are not a growing market segment, while value-added goods are the primary products of New York farms and represent a market segment that is growing significantly. We then briefly discuss important strategies that agricultural producers are using to remain competitive, including the adoption of ...
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Spr



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