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Conference Paper
Importing technology

We look at disaggregated imports of various types of equipment to make inferences on cross-country differences in the composition of equipment investment. We make three contributions. First, we document large differences in investment composition. Second, we explain these differences as being based on each equipment type's intrinsic efficiency, as well as on its degree of complementarity with other factors whose abundance differs across countries. Third, we examine the implications of investment composition for development accounting, i.e., explaining the cross-country variation in income per ...
Proceedings , Issue Nov

Conference Paper
Building the Austin technology cluster : the role of government and community collaboration in the ‘human capital’

Proceedings – Rural and Agricultural Conferences , Issue May , Pages 53-71

Working Paper
The use of long-run restrictions for the identification of technology shocks

We survey the recent empirical literature using long run restrictions to identify technology shocks. We provide an illustrative walkthrough of the long-run restricted vector autoregression (VAR) methodology in a bivariate framework. Additionally, we offer an alternative identification of technology shocks that can be imposed by restrictions on the long-run impulse responses. Our results from this methodology compare favorably to the empirical literature that uses structural VARs to identify technology.
Working Papers , Paper 2003-010

Journal Article
Technology outsourcing : a community bank perspective

This article provides an overview of the technology industry that has evolved to provide technology outsourcing services for community banks, and the risk management issues associated with outsourcing. The service provider industry is in a transition phase being brought about by changing economic fundamentals in banking and in information technology. These factors have contributed to significant consolidation among the technology companies that serve the banking industry, especially among technology firms offering core processing services. Accordingly, the array of firms serving the national ...
Financial Industry Perspectives , Issue Q 4 , Pages 25-37

Working Paper
ICT Services and their Prices: What do they tell us about Productivity and Technology?

This paper reassesses the link between ICT prices, technology, and productivity. To understand how the ICT sector could come to the rescue of a whole economy, we extend a multi-sector model due to Oulton (2012) to include ICT services (e.g., cloud services) and use it to calibrate the steady-state contribution of the ICT sector to growth in aggregate U.S. labor productivity. Because ICT technologies diffuse through the economy increasingly via purchases of cloud and data analytic services that are not fully accounted for in the standard narrative on ICT's contribution to economic growth, the ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2017-015

Working Paper
Technology adoption and consumer payments : evidence from survey data

Consumers pay for hundreds of goods and services each year, but across households and across goods, consumers do not choose to pay the same way. This paper posits that these differences depend in part on consumers' propensity to adopt new technologies, and depend in part on the nature of the transaction. In order to test these hypotheses, this paper offers comparisons of payment instrument use at the point of sale and for bill payment from a sample of consumers surveyed in 2001, drawn primarily from users of the Internet. The results indicate that consumers who use technology or computers are ...
Payments System Research Working Paper , Paper PSR WP 02-01

Journal Article
Dialing for dollars

Rural telephone companies in the district collect millions of dollars annually in universal service subsidies. Has the time come to let them fend for themselves?
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue May , Pages 1-5

Working Paper
Costly technology adoption and capital accumulation

The authors develop a model of costly technology adoption where the cost is irrecoverable and fixed. Households must decide when to switch from an existing technology to a new, more productive technology. Using a recursive approach, the authors show that there is a unique threshold level of wealth above which households will adopt the new technology and below which they will not. This threshold is independent of preference parameters and depends only on technology parameters. Prior to adoption, households invest at increasing rates, but consumption growth is constant. The authors also show ...
Working Papers , Paper 00-7

Working Paper
Technological progress and the geographic expansion of the banking industry

We test some predictions about the effects of technological progress on geographic expansion using data on banks in U.S. multibank holding companies over 1985-1998. Specifically, we test whether over time (a) parental control over affiliate banks has increased, and (b) the agency costs associated with distance from the parent have decreased. The data suggest that banking organizations exercise significant control over affiliates that has been increasing over time, and that the agency costs associated with distance have decreased somewhat over time. The findings are consistent with the ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2002-31

Working Paper
Market structure, technology and the cyclicality of output

Revision of Working Paper 91-19
Working Paper Series, Macroeconomic Issues , Paper 92-26



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