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Journal Article
The earned income tax credit at work

National Economic Trends , Issue Apr

Working Paper
Job creation tax credits and job growth: whether, when, and where?

This paper studies the effects of Job Creation Tax Credits (JCTCs) enacted by U.S. states over the past 20 years. First, we investigate whether JCTCs stimulate within-state job growth. Second, we assess from where any increased employment comes from ? in-state or out-of-state? Third, we evaluate when JCTCs' effects occur. In particular, we test for negative anticipation effects between JCTC enactment and when legislation goes into effect. We investigate these questions using a difference-in-differences estimator applied to monthly panel data on employment, the JCTC value, the JCTC effective ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2010-25

Working Paper
The cost of capital, the desired capital stock, and a variable investment tax credit as a stabilization tool

This study considers the potential of a variable investment tax credit to relieve the pressure of a contracyclical monetary policy on the housing and State and local government sectors.
Working Paper , Paper 73-03

Working Paper
Beggar thy neighbor? the in-state vs. out-of-state impact of state R&D tax credits

In this paper, I exploit the cross-sectional and time-series variation in R&D tax credits, and in turn the user cost of R&D, available from U.S. states between 1981-2002 to estimate the elasticity of private R&D with respect to both the within-state (internal) user cost and the out-of-state (external) user cost. To facilitate comparisons to previous studies of the R&D cost elasticity, I first estimate an R&D cost elasticity omitting external R&D costs; the estimated elasticity is negative, above unity (in absolute value), and statistically significant?a finding quite similar to that found by ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2005-08

Journal Article
Noteworthy: housing: tax credit boosts sales to first-time homebuyers in Texas

The beleaguered Texas housing market has been getting some help from Washington's attempts to revive the economy. First-time homebuyers in the state are taking advantage of tax credits of as much as $8,000 provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 14

Journal Article
Texas housing on bumpy road after stimulus effects fade

Texas? housing sector remains in the doldrums following demand spikes in 2009 and 2010 aided by the homebuyer tax-credit program. When the federal government first offered the incentive in mid-2008, Texas home sales and construction were in a rapid descent that began with the U.S. housing crisis and accelerated when the state joined the nation in recession. As part of broader housing measures, a series of three homebuyer tax credits sought to reduce bloated inventories and arrest free-falling home values?a condition felt more profoundly at the national level than in Texas.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 3-7

Working Paper
Rural Affordable Rental Housing : Quantifying Need, Reviewing Recent Federal Support, and Assessing the Use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits in Rural Areas

Recently, there has been significant interest in the high levels of rental cost burden being experienced across the United States. Much of this scholarship has focused on rental cost burdens in larger urban areas, or at the national level, and has not explored differences in the prevalence of rental cost burden in urban versus rural communities. In this paper, I find that rental cost burdens are a challenge facing both urban and rural communities. However, despite the need for affordable rental housing in rural communities identified, I find the amount of resources made available by the ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2018-077

Journal Article
Earned Income Tax Credit: Bank One program helps low-income taxpayers

Many low-income working families are unaware that they can receive up to $4,140 in tax credits under the IRS' Earned Income Tax Credit program. Others file with commercial tax preparation services that charge not only a fee for the tax preparation and electronic filing but also high interest on refund anticipation loans. Bank One stepped up with a volunteer program to assist low-income people in preparing their tax returns and claiming the EITC. The bank also helped the filers open bank accounts so they could get their refunds by direct deposit.
e-Perspectives , Issue 4

Working Paper
Investment, accounting, and the salience of the corporate income tax

This paper develops and tests the hypothesis that accounting rules mitigate the impact of tax policy on investment decisions by obscuring the timing of tax payments. I model a firm that maximizes a discounted weighted average of after-tax cash flows and accounting profits. The cost of capital and the impact of tax incentives for investment both depend on the weight placed on accounting profits. I estimate this weight by comparing the effectiveness of tax incentives that do and do not affect accounting profits. Investment tax credits, which do affect accounting profits, have more impact on ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2011-20

Journal Article
Low-income housing tax credits in Texas: achievements and challenges

As the LIHTC program faces the biggest challenges of its nearly 25-year history, it's imperative to look holistically at the evolution and distribution patterns of this housing production program. This issue provides a program overview, a current market-condition analysis and an update on recent regulatory changes.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 2


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