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Journal Article
Are states giving away the store?
AUTHORS: Zaretsky, Adam M.
DATE: 1994

Conference Paper
Enhancing competitiveness: international economic policies
AUTHORS: Avery, Graham J. L.
DATE: 1985

U.S. farm subsidies
Why should the average American care about the 2008 Farm Bill and farm subsidies? Farm subsidies can affect the price of food and can influence the amount of taxes we pay. This month's Liber8 newsletter explains why farm subsidies were originally used, spotlights the debate about their continued use, and points out some changes to the 2008 Farm Bill.
AUTHORS: Engemann, Kristie M.
DATE: 2008

Conference Paper
The subsidy provided by the federal safety net: theory and measurement
Views about the value to depository institutions of the federal safety net differ widely. Resolution of the issue is important because defining the appropriate relationship between the federal safety net and financial institutions is central to the design of efficient financial modernization strategies. A model is presented of how the safety net subsidy affects the size of the banking system and the behavior of banks. The model suggests that banks should have lower capital ratios than similar nonbank financial firms. Evidence is presented that supports this prediction, and that banks have organized themselves in ways that take maximum advantage of safety net benefits.
AUTHORS: Kwast, Myron L.; Passmore, Wayne
DATE: 1998

Journal Article
Southern states ply the art of the deal
In the battle to attract new corporate citizens, states are assembling incentive packages that are richer than ever. Although Southeastern states have brought in glittering prizes, some wonder if the price they're paying for industrial incentives is too high.
AUTHORS: Davidson, Charles
DATE: 2008

Journal Article
Nation of subway riders?
AUTHORS: Burke, William
DATE: 1977

Journal Article
Making transit work
AUTHORS: Pozdena, Randall
DATE: 1979

Journal Article
Synfuel subsidy?
AUTHORS: Levy, Yvonne
DATE: 1980

Journal Article
Pricing federal irrigation water
AUTHORS: Levy, Yvonne
DATE: 1982

Journal Article
No more a slumlord?
AUTHORS: Johnston, Verle
DATE: 1973


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