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Journal Article
The Federal Reserve's contingency financing plan for the century date change

With the approach of the new millennium last year, many market participants resolved to limit their exposure to Y2K-related risks by cutting back normal trading activities. The Federal Reserve foresaw that the widespread adoption of such a strategy could lead to serious liquidity problems in key financing markets. Consequently, the Fed undertook to create a Standby Financing Facility that would provide securities dealers with a form of backup funding and ease market anxieties about year-end credit conditions.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 6 , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, February 2, 1988 (review of recent developments in the financial markets)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Working Paper
On the risk-return relation in international stock markets

We investigate the risk-return relation in international stock markets using realized variance constructed from MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) daily stock price indices. In contrast with CAPM, realized variance by itself provides negligible information about future excess stock market returns; however, we uncover a positive and significant risk-return tradeoff in many countries after controlling for the (U.S.) consumption-wealth ratio. U.S. realized variance is also significantly related to future international stock market returns; more importantly, it always subsumes the ...
Working Papers , Paper 2003-012

Journal Article
Expectations, money, and the stock market

Review , Volume 53 , Issue Jan , Pages 16-31

Journal Article
Will increased regulation of stock index futures reduce stock market volatility?

Economic Review , Volume 75 , Issue Nov , Pages 33-46

Journal Article
Has financial market volatility increased?

Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Jun , Pages 17-30

Journal Article
Why no crunch from the crash?

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Win , Pages 2-7

Journal Article
The persistence of bank profits: what the stock market implies

This paper examines the speed with which abnormal economic profits vanish in the U.S. banking industry. A model is developed to infer expected speeds of profit adjustment from stock market and financial accounting data, deriving the rate of adjustment that is most consistent with observed cross-sectional relationships between bank stock prices and profitability. The model allows for the possibility that reported accounting income may be a biased and noisy signal of economic profit. Estimation is performed using generalized nonlinear least squares on a pooled series of cross sections. The ...
Economic Review

Conference Paper
The free cash flow theory of takeovers: a financial perspective on mergers and acquisitions and the economy

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 31 , Pages 102-148

Working Paper
Do fundamentals, bubbles or neither determine stock prices? Some international evidence

Working Papers , Paper 1989-003



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