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Keywords:Steel industry and trade 

Working Paper
The birth of the competitive market in the steel industry
A regional analysis of the steel industry with emphasis on the economic performance of minimills and integrated mills.
AUTHORS: Israilevich, Philip R.
DATE: 1986

Working Paper
Exit from the U.S. steel industry
The development of a test for whether an industry reduces capacity by first closing its highest-cost plants, using plant-level data from the U.S. steel industry.
AUTHORS: Deily, Mary E.
DATE: 1987

Journal Article
Imports and domestic steel
A history of the struggle between producers of imported and domes- tic steel, and a discussion of long-term trends in the steel industry.
AUTHORS: Kerka, Amy
DATE: 1985

Journal Article
The steel trigger price mechanism
An examination of the 1978 steel trigger price mechanism, with a description of its operation and economic impact, and a discussion of events that led to its suspension in 1982.
AUTHORS: Anderson, Gerald H.
DATE: 1982

Journal Article
Can steel compete?
AUTHORS: Levy, Yvonne
DATE: 1977

Journal Article
Comeback for steel?
AUTHORS: Levy, Yvonne
DATE: 1973

Journal Article
Steel imports
AUTHORS: Leete, Laura; Cheng, Hang-Sheng
DATE: 1983

Working Paper
Enforcement of pollution regulations in a declining industry
An examination of the effect of EPA enforcement activity as it relates to company plant-closing decisions and company compliance decisions in the U.S. steel industry, finding fewer enforcement actions taken toward plants with an already high probability of closing.
AUTHORS: Deily, Mary E.; Gray, Wayne B.
DATE: 1989

Working Paper
Factor-adjustment costs at the industry level
An estimation of a dynamic cost function for the U.S. steel industry to investigate the cost of adjusting blue- and white-collar employment levels and to examine the importance of specification of the adjustment-cost function.
AUTHORS: Deily, Mary E.; Jansen, Dennis W.
DATE: 1989

Working Paper
The impact of firm characteristics on plant closing decisions
An examination of the plant-closing decisions of integrated steel firms in the United States from 1977-1987 to determine whether firm characteristics influenced either the probability or the timing of a plant's closing during this decade of significant industry contraction.
AUTHORS: Deily, Mary E.
DATE: 1988


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