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Working Paper
A chronology of turning points in economic activity: Spain 1850-2011

This paper codifies in a systematic and transparent way a historical chronology of business cycle turning points for Spain reaching back to 1850 at annual frequency, and 1939 at monthly frequency. Such an exercise would be incomplete without assessing the new chronology itself and against others ?this we do with modern statistical tools of signal detection theory. We also use these tools to determine which of several existing economic activity indexes provide a better signal on the underlying state of the economy. We conclude by evaluating candidate leading indicators and hence construct ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2011-28

COVID-19: Projected Deaths in the U.S.

This post documents COVID-19-related deaths in a few countries and uses those data to provide projections for the U.S.
On the Economy

Is the U.S. Looking Like Italy? Projections on COVID-19 Death Rates

After adjusting for population, daily coronavirus deaths are less in the U.S. than in Italy. However, the U.S. seems to be catching up with Italy on that metric.
On the Economy

Discussion Paper
The Different Paths of Greece and Spain to High Unemployment

Euro area GDP remains below its 2007 level due to the global financial meltdown and the subsequent sovereign debt crisis in the periphery countries. Unemployment rates make it clear that some countries have fared much worse than others—the rates in Spain and Greece today are over 25 percent and are much higher than rates in the next highest, Portugal (15.7 percent), and in the euro area (11.6 percent). Quite a change from 2007, when Spain and Greece had lower unemployment rates than the euro area as a whole. In this post, we show that while the unemployment rates in the two countries are ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20121128


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