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Keywords:Soviet Union 

Journal Article
The changing pattern of U.S. trade: 1975-1985
AUTHORS: Rosensweig, Jeffrey A.; Welch, Kelly; Lium, Gretchen
DATE: 1986

Journal Article
Why perestroika?
AUTHORS: Moreno, Ramon
DATE: 1989

Journal Article
The Russian grain embargo: dubious success
AUTHORS: Luttrell, Clifton B.
DATE: 1980

Conference Paper
Commentary: currency convertibility in Eastern Europe
AUTHORS: Cooper, Richard N.
DATE: 1990

Conference Paper
Recent developments in the Soviet Union
AUTHORS: Gerashchenko, Victor V.
DATE: 1990

Journal Article
Summary of Bank's 1990 Economic Symposium
AUTHORS: Sellon, Gordon H.
DATE: 1990

Journal Article
How will reform of the Soviet farm economy affect U.S. agriculture?
AUTHORS: Barkema, Alan
DATE: 1991