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Keywords:Southern States 

Journal Article
Nation and Southeast set for slower but solid growth in 2001
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 2000

Journal Article
Poverty in the South
AUTHORS: Moen, Jon R.
DATE: 1989

Journal Article
Structural booms: why the South grows
Since the end of the 1991 recession, almost 27 percent of all new jobs in the United States have been created in the six southeastern states that make up the Sixth Federal Reserve District. What accounts for this strong relative economic performance in the region? ; This article examines the forces behind the South's economic strength and looks ahead at the course of its economic development in terms of three alternative approaches--the industrial base, the convergence, and the structuralist models. In evaluating the models' usefulness for thinking about why regions grow, the author finds the structuralist approach, which provides a general equilibrium model for understanding capital flows, interest rates, assets, goods, and labor market behavior, to hold the most promise as a perspective on long-term trends because it addresses the root causes of differential growth rates. This approach suggests a number of reasons for the Southeast's relatively rapid recent growth, which, taken together, give evidence of economic and social structures that may attract both employers and employees to the region at a disproportionate rate for some time to come.
AUTHORS: Cunningham, Thomas J.
DATE: 1995

Journal Article
Public finance and economic growth in the Southeast
AUTHORS: Srinivasan, Aruna
DATE: 1989

Journal Article
The south: taking the lead in the 1990s
AUTHORS: Rossell, Marci; Petersen, D'Ann M.
DATE: 1996

The southern states in a globalized economy
Remarks before the Southern Governors' Association 73rd Annual Meeting, Biloxi, Mississippi, August 25, 2007. ; "There is no great secret about how to lay the groundwork for Southern states' success in harvesting and harnessing--in mastering--globalization. The key to adapting to and profiting from globalization lies in education."
AUTHORS: Fisher, Richard W.
DATE: 2007

Journal Article
Moderate growth expected for the nation, Southeast in 1996
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1995



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