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Journal Article
Social Security privatization: balancing efficiency and fairness

This article examines these fundamental issues of economic efficiency and fairness that should be weighed when considering Social Security privatization. The first section summarizes the challenges to the current system and outlines various options for reform. The second section explains how privatization could improve economic efficiency, and briefly considers the difficult issue of the transition costs in moving from the current system to full privatization. The third section discusses important issues of fairness within and across generations. Any decision to privatize Social Security will ...
Economic Review , Volume 82 , Issue Q III , Pages 21-36

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, February 23, 1999 (Social Security reform)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Social Security, health-care reforms needed as populations age

Economics Update , Issue Apr , Pages 3, 6

Journal Article
The future of Medicare and Social Security : future funding of both programs 'woefully inadequate'

The cost of Medicare benefits will soon exceed the program's available funds, and its financial woes will far surpass Social Security's as healthcare costs continue to rise faster than economic growth.
TEN , Issue Spr , Pages 2-5

Working Paper
Social Security Reform with Heterogeneous Mortality

Using a heterogeneous-agent, life-cycle model of Social Security claiming, labor supply and saving, we consider the implications of lifespan inequality for Social Security reform. Quantitative experiments show that welfare is maximized when baseline benefits are independent of lifetime earnings, the payroll tax cap is kept roughly unchanged, and claiming adjustments are reduced. Eliminating the earnings test and the income taxation of Social Security benefits provides additional gains. The Social Security system that would maximize welfare in a "2050 demographics" scenario, characterized by ...
Working Paper , Paper 20-09

Journal Article
Does being different matter?

Changes in the demographic structure of the U.S. population will affect many aspects of the US economy as we move into the next century. Concerns about the impact of an aging population on savings and interest rates, the financing of government spending programs for the elderly, and the possibility of higher taxes for future generations to pay for them have become hot topics, both in the press and among economists. Another concern is whether rising immigration will place an even greater burden on the government. In this article, Finn Kydland and D'Ann Petersen present a framework ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q III , Pages 2-11

Journal Article
Shaking the third rail: reforming Social Security.

Talk about changing Social Security used to be political poison. But increasing recognition of the program's long-term problems has put reform near the top of the national agenda.
The Regional Economist , Issue Oct , Pages 5-7

Conference Paper
The United Kingdom's Pension Program: Panel Discussion

Conference Series ; [Proceedings]

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, March 3, 1999 (investing the social security trust fund)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May , Pages 303-306

Journal Article
Why Social Security should be privatized

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 6-11



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