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Keywords:Savings and loan associations 

Conference Paper
Thrift deregulation and federal deposit insurance
AUTHORS: Barth, James R.; Bradley, Michael G.
DATE: 1988

Conference Paper
Alligators in the swamp: the impact of derivatives on the financial performance of depository institutions
AUTHORS: Moser, James T.; Jackson, William E.; Brewer, Elijah
DATE: 1996-08

Conference Paper
Perspectives on the role of government risk-bearing
AUTHORS: Stiglitz, Joseph E.
DATE: 1991

Working Paper
Troubled savings and loan institutions: voluntary restructuring under insolvency
Regulatory agencies are unwilling or unable to close thrift institutions immediately upon insolvency. Instead, they have progressively reduced the thrift capital requirement, refrained from enforcing that requirement, and allowed thrifts to hold more nonmortgage loans in the hope that the industry would recover. According to this study, only 13 percent of the largest 300 firms eventually recovered between the end of 1979 and the end of 1989. When the thrift crisis surfaced in the early 1980s, the firms that ultimately recovered operated in a fashion similar to those that eventually failed. But in the mid-1980s, recovered thrifts pursued a risk-minimizing strategy, while nonrecovered thrifts pursued a risky, high-growth strategy. We find no evidence that managers of unsuccessful firms consumed more perquisites than their successful counterparts.
AUTHORS: Lang, Larry H.; DeGennaro, Ramon P.; Thomson, James B.
DATE: 1991

Working Paper
Capital forbearance and thrifts: an ex post examination of regulatory gambling
This paper estimates the losses embedded in the capital positions of the 996 FSLIC-insured savings and loan institutions that did not meet capital standards at the end of the 1970s. We compare the estimated cost of resolving the insolvencies of these institutions at the end of the 1970s with the actual failure-resolution costs for those that were closed by July 3 1, 1992, and the projected resolution costs for the remaining thrifts that are likely to be closed. Our results show that even when one considers only the direct costs associated with delayed closure of economically failed thrifts, these costs significantly exceed reasonable estimates of the cost of prompt failure resolution.
AUTHORS: Thomson, James B.; DeGennaro, Ramon P.
DATE: 1992

Working Paper
Brokered deposits and thrift institutions
AUTHORS: Moore, Robert R.
DATE: 1992

Working Paper
The causes and costs of thrift institution failures: a structure- behavior-outcomes approach
AUTHORS: Cole, Rebel A.; McKenzie, Joseph A.; White, Lawrence J.
DATE: 1990

Working Paper
Going beyond traditional mortgages: the portfolio performance of thrifts
AUTHORS: Brown, Richard A.; McKenzie, Joseph A.; Cole, Rebel A.
DATE: 1990

Working Paper
Agency conflicts and thrift resolution costs
AUTHORS: Cole, Rebel A.
DATE: 1990


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