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Working Paper
Nonreporting of savings accounts in sample savings: causes and correlates

Working Papers , Paper 46

Journal Article
Kids Bank encourages early saving in Fort Worth

A unique partnership between Unity One Federal Credit Union and Fort Worth's Washington Heights Elementary School created a "Kids Bank" that encourages savings and teaches children valuable financial skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.
e-Perspectives , Issue 4

Journal Article
Time deposits in monetary analysis

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Using financial innovation to support savers: from coercion to excitement

The simplest ideas for helping Americans save may be the most powerful. One process innovation would allow workers once again to purchase U.S. Savings Bonds on their tax returns. An example of a product innovation is a savings account tied to winning a prize.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 6-8

Journal Article
Childhood savings and college success

As the cost of postsecondary education continues to rise, many families, especially low-income families, are concerned about their ability to pay. A variety of initiatives are making it easier to start saving early.
Communities and Banking , Issue Summer , Pages 22-25

Journal Article
Savings account usage by low- and moderate-income people in the Chicago Metropolitan Area

Holding a savings vehicle with mainstream financial institutions carries several benefits including asset building opportunities, secure storage of income, a cushion against unforeseen financial events and the ability to establish or maintain a positive credit history. To better understand the demand for savings products among low- and moderate-income (LMI) people, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago sponsored a series of savings behavior questions in the 2001-2002 Metro Chicago Information Center?s annual household survey. Our findings offer evidence that lower-resource consumers accumulate ...
Profitwise , Issue Jan , Pages 2-9

Journal Article
Measuring IDA program's impact

Since 2007, the state of New Mexico has invested $2.45 million to support Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) for New Mexico savers. This funding provides a much-needed local match required by federal IDA funding, which was awarded through the Assets for Independence Act.
e-Perspectives , Issue 2