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Journal Article
Economic development in rural Wisconsin: developing a 21st century response to compete in today’s global marketplace

In October 2011, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago?s Community Development and Policy Studies division co-sponsored a two-day conference that explored and discussed policies that speed, strengthen, and enhance economic development in Wisconsin?s rural areas to increase their competitiveness in today?s global economy. This article summarizes key points from presentations and discussions at the symposium. ; Over 150 participants, representing community banks in the Seventh Federal Reserve District, economic development/finance agencies, small business owners, researchers, and policymakers, ...
Profitwise , Issue Nov

Journal Article
A resurgent rural economy spurs farmland values

The rural economy broke free from the reins of recession in 2004 with an especially strong performance in the farm sector. Net farm income easily surpassed the record high of 2003. And the weakness that plagued the nonfarm rural economy in recent years appears to have been replaced with stronger job growth and higher incomes. Strong performances in the farm and nonfarm sectors have led to soaring land values. Rising incomes are often capitalized into asset values, and the past year was no exception. Rising rural incomes quickly led to strong land value gains. Since real estate is rural ...
Economic Review , Volume 90 , Issue Q I , Pages 59-82

Journal Article
Stand by your county, man

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue Sep , Pages 10-11

Journal Article
Trends in rural manufacturing

Main Street Economist , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Rural policy lessons from abroad

Main Street Economist , Issue Nov

Trends in producer services growth in the rural heartland


Journal Article
The path not taken

Big pipelines aren't the only solution to the water problems of rural areas.
Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue Sep , Pages 6

Journal Article
Exploring policy options for a new rural America : a conference summary

The United States needs a new rural policy. That was the conclusion of ten policy experts and 250 rural leaders from throughout the nation who met in Kansas City for the Center for the Study of Rural America?s second annual conference on rural policy matters, Exploring Policy Options for a New Rural America. The conference examined a menu of promising policy options and also considered ways to combine these options into a more coherent overall approach to the challenges facing rural communities.> Drabenstott and Sheaff highlight the issues raised at the conference. Participants agreed that ...
Economic Review , Volume 86 , Issue Q III , Pages 65-77

Journal Article
Equity for rural America : from Wall Street to Main Street : a conference summary

Equity markets play a crucial role as a lifeline of capital to entrepreneurs. U.S. equity markets are so large and so efficient that they have become an inexpensive way for many companies to raise capital through the issuance of stock. Indeed, many experts argue that the primary benefit of the equity markets is their role in providing new capital for business ventures. But the capital benefits of stock markets do not reach all businesses.> Many rural companies simply lack the size to issue stock directly on Wall Street. In addition, most rural companies cannot boast of the kind of growth ...
Economic Review , Volume 84 , Issue Q II , Pages 77-85


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